This portable restroom operator gets TV kudos for his hard work and dedication to the industry.

Rajeev Kher owns Saraplast Sanitation Systems — or 3S — in Prune, India, a portable sanitation company providing solutions for underdeveloped slums and rural areas, which are not self-sufficient. Even today, a lack of sanitation in India is a serious hygiene issue — the World Health Organization says 626 million people practice open defecation — that leads to thousands of deaths every day.

As part of its #CleanUpIndia social media campaign, a new video from Indian CNN affiliate IBN sheds light on how Kher’s company has grown from just two loaner toilets on loan to nearly 4,000 units and 300 hundred employees that are making a difference in India’s largest cities. 

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A regular Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport (WWETT) show attendee and educational seminar host, Kher uses his experience in third-world sanitation problems to raise awareness about the important role of portable sanitation in an emerging Indian economy.

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In a developing country where it’s easy to blame the government for having too much on its plate to worry about sanitation, it’s refreshing — and even a little inspirational if I might throw in some mushy sentiment — to see a portable sanitation trailblazer do something about this destructive problem.

According to the video reporter, the message here is that “social responsibility needn’t be a loss-making enterprise.” But, it’s also kind of cool to see one of our own showcased — on his home turf — for his hard work and dedication to the industry. Bravo, Rajeev!

Read more about Kher’s wide-reaching portable sanitation efforts, and learn why he joined the industry.

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