Two boys in Minnesota apologize and pay for the restroom they damaged

A story about teenagers vandalizing a restroom probably isn’t rare, but the outcome of this story definitely is. Two young boys were busted damaging a portable restroom in a park. Their parents found out and reported them to the city and the police.

The restroom owner, Dan Schlomka of Schlomka’s Portable Restrooms & Mobile Pressure Washing in Hastings, Minnesota, declined to press charges but was impressed with the boys for taking responsibility. He was even more impressed with their parents, saying in a Facebook post, “These parents put their foot down and taught these boys not to cross the line again. Good parenting!”

At the parents’ insistence, Schlomka told the police the cost of repair and services would amount to about $50. Sure enough, he eventually received apology notes from both boys, along with $50 in small bills and coins.

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In a local news story, Schlomka says that it made his day, after over eight years in the business, to see some parents hold their children accountable for their actions, and he looks up to these parents as an example for when he becomes a father himself.

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