A wanted woman makes a poor choice when attempting to hide from police

I’ve heard of finding odd things in portable restrooms but they usually are not human.

You would think that a portable restroom tank would be the last place someone would hide. Even if you were wanted by the police for identity fraud. Even if you were being chased by said police after you ran when they tried to question you.

But desperate times call for desperate measures. When Treasure Dawn Shockey was approached by Eugene, Oregon, police, she took off running. After cutting through backyards she ended up in the Eugene Swim and Tennis Club. Apparently the area lacked good hiding places – or Shockey lacked imagination – because soon a construction worker reported lifting the lid of a portable restroom and finding her in the tank.

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Shockey exited the restroom when the police arrived and was arrested. There were two existing warrants for her arrest, both identity theft charges.

This story was reported in The Register-Guard.

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