Prepping for a papal visit and more is covered in this month’s issue

Large special events take a lot of planning. Throw in a pope, approximately 2 million people descending on the host city and intense security procedures — the result could have easily been a logistical nightmare.

The owners of A Royal Flush, a portable restroom company serving the Northeast, won the coveted bid to provide service for the events surrounding the papal visit to Philadelphia last fall. This month’s On Location feature covers the planning and scheduling that went into providing over 3,000 restrooms for the event. It was quite a feat, but they managed to provide great service despite the huge crowds, long days and strict security measures.

If you’re gearing up for your own special event season coming up, check out this article for special event planning tips.

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You may come across used options, too, and need to determine whether a used lift is truly safe. Installation can be tricky. A lift is a safety item and needs to be treated as such, and inspected on a regular basis.

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