These social media posts show portable restrooms in a positive — and sometimes humorous — light

The image of the portable sanitation industry isn’t the most glamorous. Educating customers and trying to change the negative perception of portable restrooms is an ongoing challenge. So I was happy — and a little surprised — to see that restrooms are being showcased in some great posts on social media recently.

If you have a great photo of one of your restrooms out on location, share it with us! Send a link to your social media post to


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Well this #polyportables unit looks like its contemplating life! #grandteton #wednesday

A photo posted by PolyPortables, LLC (@polyportables) on


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Anyone need a lift to the top? #nope! #portapotty #manufacturing

A photo posted by PolyPortables, LLC (@polyportables) on


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Well, looks like this ones empty. #kingofthejungle #portapotty #lionsofinstagram

A photo posted by PolyPortables, LLC (@polyportables) on



Helluva proposal #missiondistrictsf #portapotty #marryme #movein #marriageproposal #sweetngrimey

A photo posted by Tabs (@4u2h8) on


I wonder if she said yes...

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