Pickup-mounted or tow-behind trailer vacuum units offer cost-effective pumping power and convenient emergency backup

Armal Inc.

The T-Easy vacuum tank is designed for servicing portable restrooms in close quarters, including construction sites, campgrounds and special events. Available in two sizes, Model 1000 has a 336-gallon waste/114-gallon freshwater tank and weighs 1,300 pounds. Model 1300 has a 528-waste/153-gallon freshwater tank and weighs 1,653 pounds. The unit also features a self-retracting washing hose. 866/873-7796; www.armal.biz.

Best Enterprises Inc.

The trailer-mounted slide-in tank has a stainless steel 600-gallon waste and 200-gallon freshwater tank. Other features include electric water pump, gasoline engine, vacuum pump, hose reel or hose hangers, 10-foot dump hose, 30-foot suction hose with wand, sight glasses for waste and sight tube for water. The dual-axle trailer has room to carry two restrooms. A storage box can be added for sanitary supplies. 800/288-2378; www.bestenterprises.net.

Crescent Tank Mfg.

The Crescent slide-in tank has a low center of gravity for greater protection against rollover. The unit features a 350-gallon waste and 200-gallon freshwater tank, with all operations at the back of the truck.

Other features include a Masport HXL2 vacuum system, 9-hp Honda electric-start engine and SHURflo water pump. 585/657-4104; www.crescent-tank.com.

Dyna-Vac Equipment

Available in a variety of sizes for pickup, flat-bed or trailer installations, Dyna-Vac units feature 200- to 600-gallon tanks. Integrated wrap-around water tanks are designed for stability and consistent weight distribution. 888/298-8668; www.dynavacequipment.com.

Erickson Tank & Pump

Made of mild steel, stainless steel or aluminum, Erickson’s basic slide-in tanks include 270-gallon waste/100-gallon freshwater, 300-gallon waste/100-gallon freshwater, 400-gallon waste/120-gallon freshwater and 500-gallon waste/200-gallon freshwater configurations. The company also makes two models of slope trailers. The 300-gallon single-axle and 500-gallon tandem axle trailer-mounted tanks are set at an angle for easier unloading. The trailer-mounted tanks feature Masport vacuum/pressure pumps and components. All tanks are manufactured using a four-plate roller and sub-arc welder. 509/785-2955; www.ericksontank.com.

FMI Truck Sales & Service

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The WorkMate service trailer features a 325-gallon waste/150-gallon freshwater slide-in unit that can be removed and installed on the back of a pickup truck. The service trailer has two 5,200-pound axles and can carry two restrooms. Standard features include Masport HXL1V pump with two-way valve, electric start 5.5-hp Honda engine, 60-inch by 24-inch by 18-inch storage box, 10-gpm freshwater delivery system, bottle rack storage, all steel construction with diamond-plate tread, in-tongue poly storage box, LED lighting and Group 24 12-volt battery with tow vehicle charge cord. Options include dump hose storage and additional onboard storage. 800/927-8750; www.fmitrucks.com.

Lely Manufacturing Inc.

The Econo Line portable pumping unit has a 400-gallon tank (300-gallon waste/100-gallon freshwater) and choice of Jurop PN23/N or Battioni MEC 2000/PAL vacuum/pressure pump (74 or 80 cfm at 15 inches of mercury and 1,300 rpm). Other features include primary shutoff, 2-inch sight glasses, 2-inch inlet and 3-inch discharge; 1 1/4-inch fill and 1-inch water drain and freshwater sight tube. The unit also has an 8-hp electric-start engine, 2-inch by 25-foot hose, 2-inch full port valve and wand, Flojet water pump, 50-foot garden hose with nozzle and tubing for fork lift. 800/334-2763; www.lelyus.com.

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KeeVac Industries Inc.

The 435-gallon aluminum slide-in unit (300-gallon waste/135-gallon freshwater) features either a Conde or Masport pump, electric-start 5.5-hp Honda engine, oil catch filter, secondary moisture trap and work light. Other features include 30-foot Tiger Tail hose with valve and wand, 2-inch bucket fill, 50-foot hose reel, 3-inch dump and SHURflo water pump. Options include heated tank, 20-inch manways, multiple pump and engine sizes, multiple engine locations and 42-, 48- and 54-inch diameter tanks. 866/789-9440; www.keevac.com.

Imperial Industries Inc.

Portable service slide-in units range from 200-gallon waste/100-gallon freshwater to 430-gallon waste/220-gallon freshwater tanks and a choice of either a Masport HXL3V, direct-drive, 106-cfm vacuum and pressure pump or a Conde belt-drive, 70-cfm vacuum only pump. Made of 3/16-inch steel, aluminum or 10-gauge stainless steel, the tanks are outfitted with 5.5- or 9-hp Honda electric-start engines, interior horizontal freshwater tube, vacuum and pressure relief valves and gauge, primary and secondary shutoff, oil catch muffler, 1-inch sight tube for water, 2-inch sight glasses for waste, 2-inch vented water fill, 2-inch waste intake with 30 feet of 2-inch hose and wand, 3-inch discharge water and waste hose hooks, all poly fittings, 12-volt Whale water pump and 50-feet of water hose. 800/558-2945; www.imperialind.com.

Marsh Industrial

The carbon steel portable restroom service slide-in units range from 400-gallon (300 waste/ 100 freshwater) to 1,250-gallon (1,000-gallon waste/250-gallon freshwater) tanks. Standard equipment includes 1/4-inch shell, primary shutoff in front of waste tank with secondary shutoff to match pump’s cfm; water tank with hose hooks and 50-feet of 5/8-inch hose and nozzle, 2-inch bucket fill with vent; sight glasses on water tank; 2-inch load line with 30 feet of 2-inch flexible hose with wand, hose hooks, 3-inch discharge line, sight glasses in waste tank, Battioni MEC 2000 90-cfm vacuum and pressure pump with 4-way valve, electric-start and 8-hp Honda engine. The 500-gallon mini-vac trailer unit features choice of MEC and Masport pumps, 1/4-inch shell, 5-inch sight glasses, formed hose trays, 3-inch load line and 4-inch discharge line, internal surge baffle, tube frame trailer with electric or surge brakes, light package, work light and pintle hitch. 800/952-1537; www.marshind.com.

Pat’s Pump & Blower

The bolt-in, self-contained liquid waste pump-out units range in size from 120 to 500 gallons. Options include waste-only or waste/freshwater system. Standard equipment includes electric-start Honda engines and vacuum pump with pressure offloading option. 800/359-7867; www.patspump.com.

Pik Rite Inc.

The PR300 (200-gallon waste/100-gallon freshwater) and PR450 (300-gallon waste/150-gallon freshwater) skid-mounted portable service units include Jurop PN23 vacuum/pressure pumps (Masport pumps available), electric-start 8-hp Honda engine, all steel components, freshwater compartment designed for stable weight distribution, 30-foot, 2-inch Kanaflex fill hose, 3-inch discharge, 12-volt washdown pump with 50-foot hose and nozzle. Grease units without freshwater and full-dump trailer units are available. Aluminum units will be available for fall. 800/326-9763; www.pikrite.com.

Satellite Industries

The bolt-in module is designed to fit a 1-ton pickup or flatbed trailer. The 270-gallon waste/170-gallon freshwater tank is secured in the back by a full-length structural mount and in the front by 7/8-inch threaded fasteners connected to two frame brackets. The vacuum system features a Conde 6 pump, belt-driven by a 5.5-hp, electric-start Honda engine. The washdown system includes a 12-volt Flojet pump and 25-foot hose and garden hose sprayer. 800/328-3332; www.satelliteindustries.com.

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