Construction sites in busy downtowns offer challenges in placing and servicing portable restrooms. Can you figure out where this one is located?

Placing and servicing a restroom in a tight, urban construction zone can pose many issues. For example, delivery can be a challenge, as you need to avoid excavation sites and paths of dump trucks and machines that need to move freely during the project. Then there’s showing up to service the unit only to discover it’s been moved and your hose no longer reaches the holding tank. And you can never have enough eyes when you’re backing into a crowded location and have to worry about pedestrians, workers and equipment that’s constantly on the move.

This well-maintained blue PolyJohn PNR3 is placed near several street excavations and shielded from the sidewalk by temporary fencing. The work site for a street repaving on a steep grade looks well-planned, with safety in mind. It’s good to see the construction workers wearing safety vests and hard hats.

Take a look at these clues and see if you can figure out the exact location of this work zone:

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  1. English is the second language in this major metropolitan area, however, people across much of the rest of this country speak English.
  2. The work site borders a major university. One of its most famous alumni is known for uttering the phrase, “Beam me up, Scottie!” And one of the campus buildings is named after him. Another alum is the country’s hunky leader.
  3. Located within a block of this restroom is a library, a government consulate office, a burrito restaurant and a Hotel Omni and Best Western hotel.
  4. Up the hill on this street is a mountain in the middle of the city. A few miles down the hill is a major waterway used to transport goods far and wide.

To win the contest, be the first person to respond to me with the name of the city and the closest street intersection. The winner will receive a PRO T-shirt and recognition as a geographical whiz. Send your responses to me at The winner will be announced at and through the PRO Facebook page.

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