Problem: The Recreational Vehicle Industry Association Trade Show annually meets at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, immediately after the North American International Livestock Exposition Show. Barnyard odors and the noses of prospective RV buyers don’t mix. It is also the site of an annual RVIA board meeting, where members complained about residual animal odors left in the exhibit space.

Solution: Thetford Corp. was approached to help with remediating odors. The resulting product needed to immediately eliminate animal waste odors and prevent them from returning for at least seven days, be safe to use around livestock and people, be noncorrosive and nondamaging to concrete flooring, and be safe for use in a Tennant automatic floor-scrubbing machine. In 2015, Thetford’s in-house chemistry staff formulated PROfresh Washdown Cleaner & Active Deodorizer that solved the issue.

Result: Subsequent RVIA Trade Show attendees were pleasantly surprised at the absence of animal odors. The product cleans and degrades odor-causing organic waste and eliminates odors at their source. It’s specially formulated for use on portable restroom interior and exterior surfaces, hard-surface floors, and in and around trash containers. 800/543-1219;

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