Porta-Treat from Bionetix International is a quick-acting treatment that deodorizes portable restrooms and holding tanks, leaving only a fresh fragrance. It contains natural and safe bacteria that produce specific extracellular fast-acting enzymes to attack waste and its byproducts at the molecular level, degrading organic wastes. It digests odor-causing compounds and targets large waste particles that settle at the bottom of tanks. Throwing in a water-soluble pouch after emptying and cleaning the retention tank makes it easier for PROs to keep the tank fresh by reducing substances such as cellulose in restroom paper into odorless carbon dioxide and water. The non-formaldehyde formula is safe, with no adverse effects on waste or sewage treatment plants. Pouches with exact dosage are easy to store and use with no measuring, waste or mess. 514/457-2914; www.bionetix-international.com.

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