Barry Gump, 74, former president of Andy Gump Temporary Site Services, died April 17 at his home in Valencia, California. Barry was responsible for growing the company founded by his father, Massena “Andy” Gump, in 1956, to one of the largest portable restroom companies in the California. The Gump family also is involved with the ownership of the portable restroom manufacturing company NuConcepts.

The Gump family has been active in the Portable Sanitation Association International for many years, and the PSAI’s major award is named for Andy Gump. The company has been led by Barry’s daughter, Nancy Gump-Melancon since his retirement. Gump is survived by his wife, Pati; daughter, Nancy; and three grandchildren, Andy, Josh and Cole. His second daughter, Cherilyn, died at age 3.

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