As the year comes to a close, we take a look back at some of the top stories on If you missed any of these, now is your chance to catch up. Enjoy this look back at 2016.

10. 3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Expanding
There is no perfect equation for expansion. Taking steps to grow your business is smart, but do your research to avoid setting yourself up for failure.

9. Step Up Your Deodorizer Game During Hot Summer Months
Providing clean, stink-free restrooms during summer events is the key to keeping customers happy. Train your technicians properly and you will have customers constantly coming back to you.

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8. Training Tips to Mold Successful Operators
It takes a hard worker to do this job every day, and it can take a lot of failures before you find success. It’s time-consuming to properly train new hires, but if you’re patient you will end up with hardworking, long-term employees.

7. How to Upsell Without Sounding Sleazy
Upselling can be tough and you can feel like a used car salesman sometimes. But those extra products or services on each order can really add up. So take the time to offer them to your customers and you will see your sales increase greatly.

6. Use a Branding Tool That Gets You Noticed
Creating a professional image that conveys the value of your services doesn’t have to be daunting. Everyone offers restrooms; let potential customers know you offer more.

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5. Young Entrepreneur Turns Struggling Business Into a Success
At only 22, Curtis English is already a portable sanitation veteran. He’s owned and operated Select Service Inc., a portable restroom company in Anamosa, Iowa, for four years.

4. Flat-Top Tank Design Helps PRO Save Time and Money
Previously, running trucks with small self-fabricated vacuum tanks and little or no cargo space to carry restrooms was running Andy Drown ragged. The ability to haul more units and the increased tank capacity is a game-changer.

3. Fore! Golf Carts Find New Uses in Portable Sanitation
Scott and Dave Hess rent modified carts for events and use them to boost productivity during service for their portable restroom and septic business.

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2. Starting Small with Slide-In Units
Slowly working up to bigger trucks has been critical to Jay Baker’s ability to take a small startup portable sanitation company — 28 Rentals, of Clinton, Oklahoma — and turn it into something substantial and sustainable.

1. Restroom Service Truck Does Double Duty
Portable restroom operator Doug Gredvig is always interested in improving productivity, which fattens the bottom line and leads to better customer service, too. His new vacuum truck has a tank that enhances productivity by doubling as a 12-foot-long flatbed on the truck and can transport eight single-unit restrooms.

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