Driving new vehicles impresses customers and makes the lives of route drivers a little easier

New vacuum trucks are playing an important role in rebranding efforts at JW Craft Portable Restrooms in Naples, Florida. They’re also improving productivity and profitability.

“The trucks are major players in our marketing efforts,” says John Nebus, who co-owns the company with Jerry Craft and Jennifer Corrigan. “How you present yourself to customers affects how you obtain business. If your trucks are in bad condition, you’re putting out a bad vibe.”

Purchased in 2015, the trucks all feature Hino chassis. Satellite Industries built one of the trucks with a 1,600-gallon waste/550-gallon freshwater aluminum tank. Engine & Accessory built out another truck with a 1,500-gallon waste/500-gallon freshwater aluminum tank. Hol-Mac Corp. outfitted the remaining two trucks: one with a 1,100-gallon waste/400-gallon freshwater steel tank and the other with a 1,500-gallon waste/500-gallon freshwater aluminum tank. All trucks use Masport or Fruitland Manufacturing pumps.

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The company prefers larger tanks so route drivers can spend more time servicing customers and less time making disposal runs. “We spec larger tanks because we make a lot of stops per route,” says Mike Mansfield, operations manager. “With larger tanks, we don’t have to cut down our routes.”

Mansfield says Masport and Fruitland pumps excel at holding vacuum power from stop to stop, as opposed to waiting for pressure to build up again. “They don’t take a lot of time to build up pressure, but it all adds up during the course of a day, a week, a month and so forth,” he says. “And time is money.”

The pumps are also efficient. Mansfield says they dramatically reduced pumping time, down to 12 or 13 minutes per stop. In addition, route drivers are happy with the equipment upgrades. “They appreciate newer vehicles,” he says. “They make their jobs a little easier.”

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