"On the Money": Pinning down cost of service, modernizing equipment and boosting driver professionalism helped California's A-Throne grow from an inventory of a few hundred to several thousand restrooms.

It takes a savvy manager to admit when there are deficiencies in your business -- that it's not being run the way you would like it to be ­­-- and then to come to the realization that only one person can turn it around: You.

That is exactly what Mike Rice -- owner of A-Throne, a portable restroom business based in Long Beach, Calif. -- did in 1996, when he and his partner (his father, George) decided to get serious about revamping the image of their then-16-year-old company. They brought in new portable restroom units (and cycled out the old) and worked to get the company's drivers spiffed up and professional.

Video shot by Patrick Botz-Forbes