How to lose your portable sanitation business in an instant

Make safety checks every time you hit the road

All it takes is one careless mistake on your daily route and you could lose your business to legal troubles. One portable restroom operator in Maine this week was lucky that a forgotten tie-down during morning deliveries didn’t result in the serious injury or death of a fellow driver in his truck’s path … and an inevitable catastrophic lawsuit.

According to the WGME 13 website, a restroom technician neglected to secure a unit on his trailer before taking off from a stop at the high school in Thorndike, Maine. The unit flew off of his truck and struck a Jeep driven by a girl on her way to school. Fortunately, the girl wasn’t hurt; the restroom driver was cited for the unsecure load. You can see a report on the incident here:

Though the newscasters made a joke about the situation –  saying it was a good thing the restroom was empty – this kind of a safety lapse is no laughing matter. A few years ago a Florida woman was killed when a restroom tumbled off of a delivery trailer and came through the windshield of her car. There have been reports of other similar accidents in recent years.

As the operator of a vacuum truck and trailer often loaded with large, lightweight and  clumsy cargo, there is no room for a mistake as you drive the highways. You simply can’t forget to secure your load properly … every time you leave the yard. As you start to hit the busy season, a story like this one is a good reminder to check, double-check and check again, your safety procedures before starting your route.

This is also a good time to take a careful look at all of your tie-down straps and other safety equipment you carry on the truck. If the straps are frayed, replace them as soon as possible.

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