Illegal Sewage Dumping Closes Texas Park

Thousands of gallons of restroom sewage dumped into a park pond has negative effects for the community – and the industry
Illegal Sewage Dumping Closes Texas Park

An irresponsible portable restroom technician is being sought by police in Celina, Texas.

Police believe a septic truck carrying waste from portable restrooms dumped between 2,000 and 3,000 gallons of sewage into a pond in Old Celina Park last week. Park workers noticed a foul smell and saw blue disinfectant and toilet paper in the pond on Thursday afternoon.

The illegal dumping is causing a host of issues for the city. The park is now closed to the public; the pond water is normally used to irrigate playing fields at the park, and all games have since been suspended. A hazmat crew was hired to clean up the mess. Aerators are being used to bring oxygen levels in the pond back to normal to keep the fish alive.

Insurance is covering the fees for the hazmat cleanup, but early estimates place the total cost of cleanup around $40,000. Police say the incident could result in felony charges depending on damages and cost. Travel logs from contractors servicing nearby construction sites are being investigated to try to find the person responsible.

Stories like this one are part of the reason it’s so hard to establish a better reputation for the portable sanitation industry. The industry shouldn’t be judged by the actions of a few, but it’s the negligent drivers like this one who make the headlines.

Hopefully the perpetrator is caught and is held accountable.

Check out the news report from NBC 5 – KXAS, Fort Worth. 


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