5 Great Business Tips From the February Issue

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5 Great Business Tips From the February Issue

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The February issue of Portable Restroom Operator is full of helpful tips for business owners. Whether you’re just starting out or have been a part of the industry for many years, you’ll find something here to give your business a boost.

Advice from fellow PROs
The PRO Forum is a place to network with other portable sanitation professionals. Ask a question, give advice and just generally share information with other people dealing with the same issues you experience on the job. Featured this month are do’s and don'ts for removing pencil marks from portable restroom walls and preventing tissue from unrolling during restroom transport. Read the advice from your fellow PROs and check out the PRO forum for more trending topics.

Appeasing an angry customer
No matter how awesome your customer service is, eventually someone is going to be angry with your company. Something will go wrong. Or maybe that irate customer is just having an incredibly bad day. But a call will come in and travel up the chain of command until it reaches you, the owner, and you will have only seconds to take control and turn that customer around. There are four important things to keep in mind when you are diffusing this kind of situation. (Hint: Really listening to the customer is key.)

Building a business
When two guys without any prior portable sanitation experience started a business together, they had a lot to learn. Travis Vargo and Doug McReaken worked hard to get familiar with every aspect of their new business and new industry. They attended the WWETT Show and asked a ton of questions. The two owners hired a manager to handle the day-to-day operation and worked on ways to establish controlled growth. Read more about how they developed and grew their business in this profile feature.

Know when to disconnect
If you’re a business owner, you’re probably used to being on call 24/7. Smartphones and tablets have made it so much easier to stay connected to your work at all hours — but now everyone is working at all hours. While it’s important to make sure every detail is handled (although disconnecting every now and then is healthy and prevents burnout), hopefully you’re not requiring your employees to be at your beck and call when they’re off company time. After-hours work might need to be logged and overtime paid to employees eligible to receive it. And overtime regulations are changing; know who qualifies. Here are some tips for establishing a clear company policy for after-hours work.

A clear view
Having a clean windshield and working wiper blades is something most drivers take for granted until something goes wrong. A nick in the wiper blade turning the windshield into a smeary blur, or running out of washer fluid on a day when your windshield gets covered in grime make your job unnecessarily difficult. While it’s not on the top of your maintenance checklist, making sure you aren’t low on washer fluid and are changing your wiper blades on a regular basis will keep everything running smoothly. Here are some easy tips to follow. 


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