Give ’Em Their Props

The folks at Tom’s Site Services give soaring good service at the California International Airshow
Give ’Em Their Props

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Robert Hedberg, operations manager for Tom’s Site Services serving Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Benito counties, with his three technicians plus three from a sister company provided restroom services for the two-day air show. The team consisted of Javier Banuelos, Mike Anzaldua, Oscar Montesinos, and in the office, Marie Champaco. From the sister company they had Javier Avila, Enrique Pedraza and Jesus Gonzales. This was the third year for the company to be involved. It is their largest event.



Tom’s Site Services, a division of the Don Chapin Co., was established in 2007 to provide restrooms for numerous construction projects for the Chapin Co. in Salinas, Calif. Don Chapin Co. is a general engineering contractor with multiple divisions. Chapin had purchased a 40-year-old company, Tom’s Septic Construction, which had not offered portable restrooms. Tom’s Site Services, with about 300 standard restrooms and other equipment — including two restroom trailers — has evolved to provide services for numerous construction sites and special events.



The company first provided hand-wash stations for the 2008 event, but in 2009, through the bidding process, the company secured the contract for all sanitary needs, repeating in 2010. “We were competing against three local companies,” Hedberg says.



The California International Airshow celebrated its 30th Anniversary Oct. 2 and 3, 2010, with 45,000 attendees. Headliners were the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds, with a crew of 45. The U.S. Navy Blue Angels, the Canadian Forces Snowbirds or the Thunderbirds alternate to be on hand to thrill the crowds at the Salinas Municipal Airport.

The city of Salinas, located near the Pacific Ocean, is known as an agricultural center. The airport is six miles from Tom’s Site Services. The California International Airshow over the years has raised approximately $7 million for local charities.



The company brought in 160 yellow Integra units, and 10 EAU (Enhanced Access Unit) restrooms from PolyPortables Inc., and 35 PolyPortables Super Twin Ultra and Tag Along hand-wash stations. Six standard units were placed on the site Monday prior to the show for use of the grounds crew.

Their VIP Wells Cargo C. O. G. Comfort Elite II was provided for the Thunderbirds, and three JAG Mobile Solutions executive trailers for the President’s Tent. Two were subcontracted from Central Coast Industries in Nipomo, Calif.

Restrooms were placed throughout, in clusters of three to four and up to 12 to 16 units, each including handicap and hand-wash units. The larger clusters were near the grandstand, the parking areas and at the entrance. Hand-wash stations also were provided in the food vendor area.

Planning for this event involves numerous meetings over many months. Hedberg attended four sessions where they discussed changes in layout and the delivery schedule.



After the initial delivery of six units on Monday, the crew spent Tuesday and Wednesday detailing the balance of equipment to be delivered. On Thursday and Friday, they used their 2006 Peterbilt delivery truck with flatbed and lift gate that accommodates 10 standard units. This vehicle has steel tanks (450-gallon waste and 220-gallon freshwater tank) with Masport Inc. pump. Also used was a 2005 Dodge truck with flatbed that carries six units, and two trailers, one accommodating 12 units and the other 10.

The crew of six spent eight hours each day delivering and setting up. Their biggest challenge was not being able to place all units in their designated spot until some of the aircraft to be displayed had arrived. Restrooms had to be staged nearby until all planes were parked. Units also had to be 30 feet from any taxiway.

The VIP trailers were set up on an airfield with no water or power hook-ups. “We had to improvise by using a water truck with a 3,000-gallon tank as a reserve water supply,” Hedberg says. “We built a special transfer pump to supply water to the restroom trailers, plus we had a portable generator to supply the electricity.”

The show concluded on Sunday, and workers were back on the job Monday at 7 a.m. to clean up. Units were pumped and loaded, starting with units near the aircraft displays. The balance of the equipment was removed by the end of Tuesday, the 5th.



At the end of the day on Friday before the show, everything was ready for a fresh start on Saturday morning. The six units that had been on site were washed down inside and out, restocked and fresh deodorant was added. The airshow had provided an on-site storage container for chemicals and paper supplies. For restocking, they rented a utility golf cart that could easily maneuver through the crowds.

Hedberg and one technician were on duty (8 a.m. to 4 p.m.) during the two-day show to handle problems and to keep units clean and restocked. Two technicians handled pumping duties. On Sunday at 6 a.m., all units were pumped and cleaned. Work had to be completed by 8:30 a.m. and the equipment off the field as the gates opened at 9 a.m. They used the company’s septic trucks — a 2007 International with a 1,700-gallon waste/500-gallon freshwater stainless steel tank and a 2007 Ford F-650 with a 1,500-gallon waste/500-gallon freshwater stainless steel tank, both built out by West-Mark Inc. with Masport pumps,

They use J & J Chemical Co.’s Ever Pro Quadra Maxx Silver Tablets. Waste was hauled to the Monterey Regional Waste Management District in Marina, Calif., approximately 8 miles from the airport.

Communication was handled using Sprint Nextel, with a push-to-talk feature.



At the conclusion of the 2010 show, Hedberg says their visibility on the flight line will bring about more business. “In fact, I can tell you that within two days after the show, we had two other requests for quotes. Everything went very well for us.”


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