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Keep your restrooms, service vehicles and equipment in tip-top shape with the latest cleaning chemicals and maintenance products
Looking Good!
Art Blaster from J & J Chemical

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Chempace Corp.

Uni-Quat 14 concentrated cleaner, disinfectant, fungicide and virucide from Chempace Corp. is made for general and light cleaning. When used as directed it eliminates odors caused by microorganisms. Mixed 2 ounces per gallon, the product cleans and deodorizes walls, portable restrooms, hard surfaces, bathroom areas, floors, tables, countertops, tile, drains, chairs and toilet bowls. It is effective against Staphylococcus aurens (MRSA), Salmonella choleraesuis, pathogenic fungi, Trichopyton interdigitale, Hepatitis B virus (HBV), Hepatitis C virus (HCV) and rotavirus. Available in a 5-gallon pail or 55-gallon drum, the product has a fresh and clean fragrance and kills HIV-1 on pre-cleaned surfaces. 800/423-5350; www.chempace.com.


Cleaning System Specialists Inc.

The Model SCE BullDogPro water blaster from Cleaning System Specialists Inc., available in wall-mount or floor-standing frame, features a low-speed tri-plunger, low-water shutdown, bypass overheat shutdown and auto delay-off timer system. The units have easy-access test points and color-coded, numbered wiring. Both frame systems are available in single-phase or three-phase. A Hi-Temp heater can be added for sterilization. 800/400-2532; www.pressurewasher.net.


Gamajet Cleaning Systems Inc.

The Gamajet IX tank cleaning machine from Gamajet Cleaning Systems Inc. is designed to clean a restroom in less than 10 minutes without brushing or spraying with the cabin door closed. Rotating jets of water project in a 360-degree pattern to clean the unit interior and holding tank. Features include a custom-designed splash guard for mounting over the holding tank opening and stand for mounting in the cabin for interior cleaning. It also has a suction pipe and hose for draining with 2-inch adapter, and portable gas-fired pressure washer. 877/426-2538; www.gamajet.com.


J & J Chemical Co.

Art Blaster from J & J Chemical Co. is a biodegradable and user-friendly cleaner for removing graffiti on portable restrooms. It removes markers, paint, pen, crayon, tar, soap scum, grease, calcium buildup and other substances while providing a protective coating. The cleaner comes in a green apple fragrance and is specially formulated for use on plastic and fiberglass restrooms. It also can be used on stainless steel, upholstery, carpet and most plastics. 800/345-3303; www.jjchem.com.


Aldran Chemical Inc.

Double Duty portable restroom deodorizer from Aldran Chemical Inc. can be used to clean floors and break down solids. The nonhazardous concentrate also can be used as a waterless hand cleaner. 800/969-3378; www.aldranchemical.com.


Johnny’s Choice

Orange Power washdown liquid concentrate from Johnny’s Choice cleans and leaves a fresh orange scent on portable restroom exteriors and interiors, service vehicles and other equipment. The product can be used diluted or as a concentrate. It is available in a variety of package sizes, from cases of four, 1-gallon bottles to 6-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums. 888/729-6478; www.johnnyschoice.com.


Chemisphere Inc.

Grafitti-Out from Chemisphere Inc. is biodegradable, environmentally safe and won’t harm the restroom finish. The clear liquid with slight solvent smell requires no protective equipment when used as directed. The product removes ink, permanent marker, crayon and other greasy marks. It will not remove spray paint. Liquid can be used on painted metal, glass, porcelain, ceramic tile, chrome, brick and most any interior surface. 514/636-7779; www.chemisphere.com.


Kafko International Ltd.

Oil Eater cleaner/degreaser from Kafko International Ltd. is an all-purpose, highly concentrated, alkaline-based cleaner formulated to emulsify and disperse oil, grease, soil and grime. Made for use on equipment, tools, engines and parts in pressure washers, the biodegradable, non-corrosive, non-toxic and non-flammable cleaner contains no acids, abrasives or petroleum solvents. It is available in 1-, 5-, 30- and 55-gallon containers. 800/528-0334; www.oileater.com.


Party Time Inc.

The TTC System disposable trash container from Party Time Inc. includes a multi-function lid, 55-gallon liner bag and custom company or event stick-on label. Available in white, black or weather-resistant container, it eliminates the need to sanitize trash cans, inventory, deliver or pick up. It can be used for trash or recycling materials at festivals, churches, arenas, sporting events, weddings, convention halls, golf courses, auto races, corporate events and tailgate parties. 888/229-0103; www.supplyyourparty.com.



Clean Works, part of the Green Way line of plant-based, biodegradable cleaners from PolyPortables, is formulated for portable restrooms, service vehicles and equipment. It uses micelles particles to strip away dirt and grime without damaging the surface being cleaned and adds protection against fading. Available with or without fragrance, the dual-action cleaner is available in 1-, 5-, 7- and 55-gallon containers. 800/241-7951; www.greenwayproducts.net.


Pumptec Inc.

The PTC1500, high-pressure, 12-volt washdown set from Pumptec Inc. is designed for servicing portable restrooms and general cleaning. Delivering 1.5 gallons at 1,000 psi, the system provides optimum cleaning power without wasting water. It operates on demand using a DM-35 trigger gun. The gun and washdown unit have 3/8-inch quick-connects for attaching to a pressure washer hose. The inlet uses a common garden hose swivel nut for water tank connection. 888/786-7832; www.pumptec.com.


TOICO Industries

The 12-volt pressure washer from TOICO Industries delivers up to 1,000 psi or 4 gpm. The washer is sold as a set with pump, motor, gun and 25 feet of hose, suction line assembly and inline filter. 888/935-1133; www.toico.com.


Walex Products Company Inc.

Banish graffiti remover from Walex Products Company Inc. is biodegradable and effectively removes markers, paint, pen, grease, tar, crayon, dirt and calcium buildup, while leaving a protective coating and fresh scent. 800/338-3155; www.walex.com.


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