Quick Response

When disaster strikes, temporary site services, including portable sanitation, temporary offices and holding tanks are in high demand
Quick Response
PolyJohn Enterprises

Floods, forest fires, hurricanes and other disasters demand quick response from rescue crews and can open the door to new opportunities for portable sanitation contractors offering temporary site services. To diversify into the area of emergency services, consider temporary offices and holding tanks like these:



The Fresh Water OT Flush System from PolyPortables Inc. is designed for use with office trailer toilets or permanent sink fixtures. The on-site water delivery system includes a 50-gallon freshwater tank with on-demand pump, low-flow toilet with matching installation flange and a 100-gallon, low-profile waste tank. With each flush, the toilet bowl is charged with approximately 8 ounces of freshwater for up to 800 flushes. The exterior fill port allows the fresh- and greywater tanks to be serviced without entering the trailer. A grounded 110-volt power source (GFI-enabled preferred) is required. 800/241-7951; www.polyportables.com.


PolyJohn Enterprises

Waterworks, a portable, self-contained freshwater delivery system from PolyJohn Enterprises Corp. provides water on demand for integrated, fully functioning restrooms or showers. Designed for office trailers, food service trailers, tool cribs, lunch rooms and portable showers, it requires no water or sewer hookups, providing 95 gallons of freshwater using a built-in, on-demand pump. Additional capacity can be gained by adding a holding tank. 800/292-1305; www.polyjohn.com.


Kentucky Tank

The Pro-Pumper 250, low-profile, plastic holding tank from Kentucky Tank Inc. is designed for above-ground waste storage. It has a 250-gallon capacity and is sized to fit under trailers. Measuring 16 inches high, 46 inches wide and 93.5 inches long, the tank comes with seven 3-inch threaded inlets and one 10-inch lid with stainless steel tether installed. Molded-in features include forklift legs for shipping (no pallet required), handle for positioning and pumping, and interlocking sections for stacking and shipping. The tank can be heated. It is FDA-approved for potable drinking water and available in 16 colors. 888/459-8265; www.kentuckytank.com.


TSF Company

Holding tanks from TSF Company Inc. are made of 3/16-inch polyethylene with airtight inlet and outlet fittings. Tanks are certified in Wisconsin (only state to require certification) and can be customized. Available in waste or freshwater styles, tank sizes include 60- and 225-gallon rectangular, low-profile 105-, 300- and 440-gallon, and a 110-gallon cylinder tank. Pump rinse system and deicer with overflow alarm are available. 800/843-9286; www.tuff-jon.com.


Satellite Shelters

Temporary office trailers from Satellite Shelters Inc. are available in a variety of sizes and floor plans. Sizes range from 8 by 16 feet to 24 by 60 feet. Floor plans can include one, two or four private offices and come with or without restrooms. Features include paneled interior walls, vinyl tile floors, pre-finished gypsum ceiling, electric heat, air conditioning, aluminum or wood exterior, fluorescent ceiling lights, 3- by 5-foot plan table, built-in desk with file cabinet and overhead shelf, 46- by 27-inch horizontal sliding windows and 120/140 volt power. Trailers can be customized according to size, color and interior needs. Rental, lease and purchase options are available. 800/453-1299; www.satelliteco.com.


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