Fencing & Barricades

Many of your construction and special event customers call another vendor to set up temporary barriers. Why don’t you add that service to your portable sanitation offerings?
Fencing & Barricades
CoverSports USA

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You’re already placing portable restrooms and hand-wash stations at construction sites or dropping off restrooms and shower trailers at special events. Have you thought about also offering barricades and temporary fencing that’s often required at worksites or events? Here are some products you might consider adding to your service menu:


CoverSports USA

Grand Slam fencing from CoverSports USA is available in red, blue and green – all with yellow top markers for visibility in 4- or 5-foot heights (5 foot in green only). Kits are available in multiple lengths (471, 314, 150, 100 and 50 feet) and include impact-resistant PVC poles inserted through loops woven into the fence fabric. Custom sizes are available. Ground sockets and other accessories are optional. Barriers, barrier covers and banners are available. 800-445-6680; www.coversports.com.


Dixie Poly Drum

Poly-Cade polyethylene safety barriers from Dixie Poly Drum feature interlocking joints that connect multiple units for a continuous barricade. Units have a 5-inch diameter fill cap and 2-inch diameter drain for filling with sand or water for added stability. Available in orange, yellow, white and granite colors, sizes include 72 inches long, 16 inches wide and 35 inches high and 60 inches long, 16 inches wide and 24 inches high. 800-845-0536; www.dixiepolydrum.com.


Imperial Industries

Lightweight Imperial barricades from Imperial Industries are stackable and interlocking with a 2-inch top fill and three 1-inch drains. Available in orange, yellow or amber light, the units measure 29 inches wide, 37 inches tall and 65 inches long tip to tip. The barricades weigh 45 pounds empty and 180 pounds full. 800-558-2945; www.imperialind.com.


Jackson Safety

TrailBOSS Channelizer drums from Jackson Safety, a division of Kimberly-Clark, meet MUTCD and NCHRP-350 requirements with or without barricade lights (drum can accommodate one or two Type A or C lights). The drum is designed to inhibit roll after impact, eliminating further hazards or potential damage. Features include tapered design for storage nesting or transport. The polyethylene drums measure 41.27 inches tall and 23 inches in diameter at the bottom, with a choice of four bases: HDPE Snap-On (can be weighted down with sandbag), 25-pound base, 40-pound base and 22.5-inch tire ring. 800-255-6401; www.jacksonsafety.com.


Kerkstra Precast Inc.

The self-aligning J-J Hooks connection system from Kerkstra Precast Inc. automatically locks into place without the need for pins, bolts or loose hardware. The barriers are NCHRP-350, Test Level 3 crash tested and meet or exceed requirements for Jersey, F-Shape, Constant Slop and other profiles. Available in 10-, 12- and 20-foot sections with 24-inch wide base, one barrier can be removed without disturbing the others. Applications include controlling vehicle and pedestrian traffic for major events, conferences and concerts. Approved for use in 45 states and the District of Columbia as well as Canada and other countries, barrier sections can be modified to include a top-mounted security fence. 616-224-6176; www.kerkstra.com.


Korman Signs Inc.

The EZ-Kade Type III barricade from Korman Signs Inc. features a quick-release bracket for easy setup and storage. Constructed of square tubing for long life with lightweight plastic rails, the barricades can be set by one person. No tools are needed. Made in 4-, 6-, 8-, 10- and 12-foot lengths and available in 5- and 7-foot heights, the single- or double-sided barricades lay flat for transport and storage. Three pattern styles (left, right, chevron) are available. 800-296-6050; www.kormansigns.com.


Merchants Metals

Tuf-Temp temporary fencing from Merchants Metals is made of galvanized welded wire for rigidity, strength and durability and will not sag when installed or snag when stacked. The 45-pound panels can be inverted for extended use. Features include multi-positioned thermosplastic footings and anti-lift brackets for added security. Panels measure 11 feet, 4 inches long by 6 feet, 10 inches high with heavy-duty frame made from 1 3/8-inch 0.065 tubing. 866-888-5611; www.merchantsmetals.com.



Econocade Type I and Type II barricades from Plasticade are made of high density polyethylene and feature a molded-in handle where a flashing light can be attached and click-lock hinges that keep legs from spreading too far. Measuring 45 inches tall and 25 inches wide, barricades weigh 16 pounds and are available in white, yellow and orange. Rust-free and impact-resistant, the one-piece signs meet MUTCD standards and have been accepted under NCHRP-350 as a crashworthy traffic control device. Barricades are molded hollow to accept up to 10 pounds (5 pounds each leg) of sand for ballast. 800-772-0355; www.plasticade.com.



Rhino Safety Barriers from PolyJohn Enterprises are designed to organize traffic flow, aid with security and protect workers. They measure 6 feet, 6 inches long and weigh 120 pounds when empty. The barriers can be placed by two workers. Each barrier holds 77 gallons of water and takes about 15 minutes to fill with a garden hose, bringing the total weight to about 700 pounds. Barriers can be connected via a locking pin system that extends throughout the entire length of each barrier, providing the ability to pivot up to 45 degrees to form curves or circles. Tested to meet U.S. Department of Transportation standards for use on federal highways, the barriers can be emptied in about seven minutes and are easily stackable. 800-292-1305; www.polyjohn.com.


Safety Flag Co. of America

High-impact instant A frames from Safety Flag Co. of America are designed to accept 2-inch by 8-foot wood or plastic boards and barricade lights. The 2-inch by 8-inch plastic barricade boards are available in 4-, 6- and 8-foot lengths with engineer grade reflective orange and white sheeting on one or both sides. 401-722-0900; www.safetyflag.com.


Signature Barricades

CrowdStopper steel barricades from Signature Barricades are built from 1.5-inch O.D. 16-gauge or 1.25-inch O.D. 14-gauge steel tubing, hot-dipped galvanized inside and out for long-term weather resistance (non-galvanized powder-coated green, black and orange available). Event or concert barricades come with a choice of detachable bridge (GS01) or detachable flat foot (GS02) systems. Barricades interlock using a hook and half-loop fastening system. Fully OSHA-compliant, the 43- and 44-pound barricades measure 43 inches high and 8 feet, 4 inches long when interconnected. Galvanized barricades are available for rent. 800-769-0096; www.signaturebarricades.com.


Tamis Corp.

Perimeter Patrol temporary fencing panels from Tamis Corp. can be used at construction sites and large events to secure “no access” areas. Panels are 6 feet high and 7.5 feet long. Powder-coated in “caution yellow,” panels are night-reflective and maintain their visibility in darkness. The 37-pound panels can be set up by one worker. An inside diameter weld ensures no edges become hung up while loading or unloading. Crowd control barricades are available. 866-909-5338; www.weldedwirepanels.com.


Volm Companies Inc.

EZ Fence with Pocket-Net system from Volm Companies Inc. features sleeves that cover rusty or jagged posts. UV treated for long life, fencing is available in orange, green, lime green, yellow, blue and red. Designed for events, fairs, expos and crowd control, the 4-foot by 50-foot fencing material has six post sleeves and caps. The 4-foot by 100-foot fence has 12 sleeves and caps, while the 4-foot by 150-foot fence has 18 sleeves and caps. 800-253-4737; www.volmcompanies.com.


Wanco Inc.

Three-line message signs from Wanco Inc. display three rows of alphanumeric characters in highly legible, ultra-bright LEDs. Weighing less than 3,000 pounds, the solar-battery-powered signs can be towed by most vehicles. Features include 2-inch ball coupler tow hitch and hydraulic lift that allows one person to raise and lower the message board. The tower rotates 360 degrees for optimal positioning. A single disk brake holds the board in place during operation, while a cradle supports and holds the board in travel position. The board has a self-contained onboard computer with preprogrammed text messages and arrows (multi-level password protection limits access to software control). Internal clock facilitates schedule programming. Optical lenses and sunshades increase visibility,while the wide footprint and outriggers provide stability in wind. 303-427-5700; www.wanco.com.


Wieser Concrete

Precast concrete DOT barriers from Wieser Concrete are approved for highway medians in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa and South Dakota. The temporary highway barriers measure 12 feet, 6 inches long, 32 inches tall with 22.5-inch base and PVC sleeves to hold metal fence panels (not included). Sleeves can be placed as specified. 800-325-8456; www.wieserconcrete.com.


Work Area Protection Corp.

Lane Changers traffic drums from Work Area Protection Corp. are 36 inches tall with 18-inch top width. Features include rounded ergonomic handle for easy access, multiple-base compatibility, recessed reflective band tiers for sheeting protection and four 5-inch-wide anti-rotation claws to keep drums facing traffic. Other features include five-tier design for better visibility and 10-inch wide anti-roll bottom to resist movement after impact. Barrels have double light mounts, domed top to shed debris and water and ribbed bottom lip for easy base attachment. The two-piece top and base design allows for dragging without base and drum separation. 800-327-4417; www.workareaprotection.com.


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