Guess the Location of This Unique Special Event

You might be able to see another country from here. Look closely, are those mountains on another continent?
Guess the Location of This Unique Special Event

Our latest installment of "Where in the World is this Restroom?" shows us what a portable restroom operator encountered when placing units at a mystery beach location. Read the clues, study the photos and be prepared with your best answer to the location of these photos, both the name of the city and the body of water shown. Bonus points if you can explain this happening.

Here are some clues:

Look north of the equator, way north of the equator, to a place where the locals see white all winter long, but enjoy many interesting outdoor activities in the summer.

These restroom units have to be cleaned every day, sometimes multiple times, to serve campers who could stay here for a few weeks pursuing an unusual ritual.

Typically, the people are few and the wildlife is plentiful in this region of spectacular scenery. But at the height of summer, when these photos were taken, people flood into this hotspot. But these folks are not tourists. In fact, tourists can't take part in this activity.

To win the contest, be the first person to respond to me with the name of the city and the precise landmark where the photos were taken. The winner will receive a PRO T-shirt and recognition as a geographical whiz. Send your responses to The winner will be announced in the editor's blog at and through the PRO Facebook page


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