Virtual Recordkeeping

Save reams of paper and time-consuming duplication of effort with an up-to-date software management program aimed at portable sanitation businesses.
Virtual Recordkeeping
Clear ComputinG

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The latest management software can ensure your employees have the correct customer information and most detailed route running information before they take off every morning. And when carrying computers and smartphones – and some programs go to the cloud to share information – drivers will have all the pertinent information at their fingertips, at every stop along the route.

Check out some of the latest software programs to help your business:

Clear ComputinG

Cloud-based Total Activity Control Management System software from Clear Computing enables business owners and staff to run operations from anywhere Internet service is available. Users can select the number of accounts needed with monthly subscription pricing based on a per-user basis. The software is available for Apple Mac or an iPad, Android tablet or computer. Data is securely backed up by 24/7 data centers. 888/332-5327;

EZTrakR Systems

One-touch billing software from EZTrakR Systems is integrated with QuickBooks for easy invoicing. The software offers 28-day advance, 28-day arrears or monthly billing options. Customized billing with various rates, additional fees and damage waivers are conveniently itemized. The iButton technology, working with the software, efficiently tracks all units for service, delivery and pickup. The bundled software system provides service validation, route optimization, inventory control, missed service reports, employee productivity and other management reporting. 866/529-1938;


The handheld mobile display from FoundOPS enables Mac or PC users to track client information and service history and create recurring service schedules. Drivers can be dispatched by dragging and dropping jobs, or by allowing the routing algorithm to determine the most efficient route. Job information and updates can be sent to smartphones or tablets in the field, along with turn-by-turn directions to the site and customer information. The device also records service reports and tracks route progress and GPS location. Completed jobs are automatically invoiced in QuickBooks. The entire system is securely hosted in Microsoft Cloud. 765/688-0006;

Ritam Technologies

The inventory control mobile app from Ritam Technologies, makers of Summit software products, is designed for the portable sanitation industry and related services. The app can scan inventory barcodes for delivery, pickup and service of units in the field, and automatically display and attach customer site information for units being serviced or picked up. It automatically tags the scan with GPS coordinates for use with mapping and route planning tools at the office and periodically sends accumulated information for dynamic tracking and proof of service as it occurs. The app is available for Android smartphones and will be available for iPhones. It is included with the Summit Premium edition and can be added to Summit Rental or Route Management System, Pro or Deluxe editions. 800/662-8471;


The integrated mapping function of the management software program from RouteOptix utilizes the latest version of Microsoft MapPoint 2013 that allows for an interactive visual interface while entering customer data, optimizing routes or dispatching calls. Other new features include integration to QuickBooks Merchant Service, the ability to print checks for grease customers, journal entries by region, select/store multiple email address and batch email invoices. GPS functions, including two-way text messaging, fuel card integration, construction and traffic alerts, driver ID, driver assignment and Skype integration are available. 866/926-7849;


Web-based management soft-ware from ServiceTask is designed for managing customers, dispatching crews and scheduling jobs. An overview screen enables users to view a summarized list of all jobs for the day and recent activity in a live feed. The customer dashboard tracks details and contact information with custom tagging, notes and email reminders. The calendar view allows for drag-and-drop scheduling by day, week or month. Schedules can be printed, emailed or synced to an external calendar for access by crewmembers. The software includes RouteTask, which imports jobs for the day and automatically plans the most efficient route. It also integrates with QuickBooks for automatic invoicing and customer tracking. The software is available for Mac, iPad, Android tablet or PC. All data is backed up and SSL-encrypted. 888/536-8275;


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