Standard Restrooms, Hand-wash Equipment and Supplies

Standard Restrooms, Hand-wash Equipment and Supplies
Portable restroom mover

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  Portable restroom mover

The Mini-Metro Mover from Allied Forward Motion has a load capacity of 525 pounds. The portable, collapsible restroom mover fits on a truck, weighs 56 pounds and has four pneumatic tires, formed steel construction and black acrylic E-coat finish. 920/493-2987;

  Portable hand-wash sink

The Aqua Stand outdoor portable hand-wash sink from Armal is designed to withstand any weather condition and is ideal for construction, special event and municipal park use. Its 23-gallon water tank has a tamper-resistant lid. It features foot-pump operation and optional soap and paper towel dispensers. It is double-sided, lightweight and easy to maneuver and use. It fits inside the Armal Wave restroom unit (and most portable restrooms) for easy transport. 770/491-6410;

  Hand sanitizer

EZ Foam hand sanitizer from Chempace quickly kills 99.9 percent of common germs during use. It protects against H1N1 virus (Swine flu), MRSA and C-Diff (vegetative state). It is NSF-approved for use as a hand-sanitizing product (E3) in food processing areas, and is available in alcohol or non-alcohol formulations. The non-alcohol-based formulation is nonflammable. The alcohol-based foam meets CDC recommendations for hand antisepsis. Each bag dispenses 2,500 services and the dispenser is ADA push compliant. It dispenses from the top, eliminating leaking issues. 800/423-5350;

  Battery backup system

The 12-volt battery backup system from Comforts of Home Services guards against power failure on portable restroom and hand-wash trailers. The system can be located on the trailer tongue or in the utility room. The trailer remains operational during power outages, with the exception of air conditioning. 630/906-8002;

  Restroom hand truck

The Super Mongo Mover hand truck from Deal Assoc. tips back and carries standard and ADA handicapped units. Restrooms are picked up from the bottom like a forklift so there is no stress on the unit. Its aluminum and steel frame is light but strong, and is available with up to eight wheels for use on soft ground. It can be carried on the back bumper of a vacuum truck or trailer, or strapped to a restroom for transport. 866/599-3325;

  Portable restroom

The Aspen portable restroom from Five Peaks is manufactured from high-density polyethylene with UV stabilizers. It features a twin sheet heavy-duty door and jamb with integrated fiberglass rod, hinge and return spring system. Side panels are manufactured with a camber, creating an elliptical shape. The 65-gallon tank has a deep sump area and sloping lines to keep the tank top dry and clean. It includes a hand sanitizer, hover handle, stainless-steel mirror, two shelves, gender sign, utility hook, beverage holder, exterior door hasp, three-roll toilet paper holder and a slip-resistant skid with side-draining system 866/293-1502;

  Hand-wash station

The freestanding, dual-sided Imperial Hand Wash station from Imperial Industries was designed for simplicity and durability. It features a 25-gallon freshwater tank and 30-gallon wastewater tank. The 59.5-pound unit fits inside most portable restrooms for easy delivery, and comes with a foot pump on both stations. Side trash bins are optional. 800/558-2945;

  Restroom and vent screens

J-Screens from J & J Chemical Co. have time-released fragrance to keep portable restrooms smelling clean. They are VOC compliant in all 50 states. They are sized for use in portable restrooms as a urinal screen or in vent screens, behind urinals, trash receptacles, paper towel cabinets or toilet paper holders. 800/345-3303;

  Rust-resistant padlocks

Rust-resistant brass economy padlocks from Lock America are available keyed alike in five colors to match the most common portable restrooms. They feature chrome-plated brass shackles and brass bodies. They prevent theft of paper products and help technicians provide better customer service. 800/422-2866;

  Hand-wash station trailer

The Explorer hand-wash trailer from McKee Technologies – Explorer Trailers offers sanitation for large crowds with a 500-watt water heater and 120-volt on-demand water pump. It features stainless steel countertops and sinks, with dispensers for soap and towels. It has a front service compartment with locking doors, a 230-gallon poly freshwater tank and a 250-gallon galvanized steel waste tank. Its structural steel frame with four corner stabilizer jacks rides on a 2,200-pound torsion axle and has a 2-inch coupler for easy towing. 866/457-5425;

  Eight-station sink trailer

The Portable Sink Trailer from MONSAM Enterprises is fully self-contained with amenities designed for rapid deployment, and can be customized to suit individual needs. It features 100-gallon freshwater and 150-gallon wastewater tanks, eight sink stations with ADA faucets, optional electric- or propane-powered water heaters, water inlet/garden hose connections, soap dispensers, paper towel holders and mirrors. 800/513-8562;

  Self-contained restroom

Solar-powered, self-contained restrooms from NuConcepts are designed for the entry-level special event market. Features include solar power, 40-gallon freshwater tank, 65-gallon waste tank, incandescent lighting, enclosed stainless steel sink, and a flushing china toilet. They provide an average of 125 uses between servicing. They are available as single or trailer-mounted units. 800/334-1065;

  Restroom with all-plastic door

The PJN3 restroom from PolyJohn Enterprises now features an all-plastic door with the same toughness standards as the company’s aluminum frame. The sag-resistant plastic door features coil springs to keep doors tightly closed, even in high winds. Each door comes with a heavy-duty hover handle and a door-mounted mirror. It is available in a variety of colors, and features a vandal-resistant tissue holder, non-splash urinal, a waste tank with a sloped top and deep central sump, and a spacious interior. 800/292-1305;

  Double-walled restroom

The Vantage portable restroom from PolyPortables features a large door opening and headroom-accentuating keystone roof. Double-wall construction provides sturdy corners and a ridge-free, smooth interior for quick cleaning. The modular components are easily replaced, as more than 70 percent of its parts are interchangeable with the standard Integra unit. It is available in 16 colors and options include a flushing tank and hand-wash station. 800/241-7951;

  Two-station hand-wash station

The Breeze two-station hand-wash station from Satellite Industries has a sealed water tank to ensure proper hygiene. It provides for fingertip-to-elbow washing and operates with a hands-free foot pump. The blue areas of the station have a fleck pattern to hide scuffs and scratches and extended bumpers on the side and top to buffer it while traveling. There are fresh and wastewater drain plugs and an additional pump-out port on the base for wastewater. All plugs are tethered to the unit. It has two handles for lifting and fits inside most portable restrooms for transport. 800/328-3332;

  Easy-clean restroom

The Tuff-Jon III from the T.S.F. Company features molded wall vents, sky heater, lifting brackets and 16-gallon wash station with foot-pedal pump. Designed for easy cleaning, the one-piece polyethylene unit is available in nine colors and has a 70-gallon holding tank. Options include towel holder and soap dispenser. 800/843-9286;

  Urinal screens

Bravo urinal screens from Walex Products are a cost-effective urinal odor-control product featuring bacteria action that deodorizes and cleans. The fragrance release lasts 30 days. The shape and ribbed surface reduce splashing and it fits in all styles of urinals. 800/338-3155;


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