Changing Portable Sanitation Regulations Prompt the New Heated PolyJohn Hand-Wash Station

Changing Portable Sanitation Regulations Prompt the New Heated PolyJohn Hand-Wash Station
A young portable restroom operator at the 2013 Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo International checks out the new PolyJohn Bravo! heated hand-wash sink. (Photo by Jim Kneiszel)

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Restroom manufacturers need to stay on top of changing rules and regulations governing portable sanitation service at special events. PolyJohn Enterprises often redesigns or retrofits their products to fit new and changing rules. The company had an example of that situation on display at the 2013 Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo International with its new special events-focused Bravo! BRA1-2000 heated hand-wash station.

According to Jamie Kostelyk, lead design engineer at PolyJohn, the Bravo! BRA1-2000 is identical to the company’s popular Bravo! BRA1-1000, except it features an electric heating element for warm hand washing. Kostelyk says changing rules for special event service – predominantly on the West Coast – led to the company’s introduction of the product.

“We were receiving a lot of calls, from customers in California and Arizona mostly, who told us that their hand-wash stations were no longer up to code because they didn’t produce heated water,” says Kostelyk. “We looked at the design of our Bravo! hand-wash station, and got to work to provide it with a heated-water option.”

The double-sided freestanding two-person hand-wash station can be transported inside most portable restrooms. The sink basins have an extra-deep design, allowing most users to wash up to the elbow. It features a 22-gallon freshwater tank with visual levels and hands-free foot pump for 1,408 pumps of water, and a 24-gallon graywater tank.

The unit plugs into a standard 110-volt outlet to heat water to 110 degrees.

“The heated-water feature of the Bravo! BRA1-2000 actually has a dual purpose,” says Kostelyk. “First, obviously, it will meet the revised sanitation guidelines; but second, this station can now be used in cold-winter climates, as the heater keeps the unit from freezing.”

The 70-pound (empty) sink has built-in lift handles and siphon port for easy pumpouts. It also features an improved access to the siphon port and heating element. It uses four packs of 250 single-fold towels and 30-ounce soap dispensers.

Kostelyk says the PolyJohn crew was able to talk with hundreds of potential customers at the 2013 Expo, who were seeing the Bravo! and Grandstand model heated hand-wash stations for the first time.

“We always try to bring our newest, most exciting products to show at the Expo, and the heated hand-wash stations were our big ones this year,” says Kostelyk. “The response we received was great. At the end of the day, people really prefer to wash their hands in warm water, so developing this product just made sense.” 800/292-1305;


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