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Spit and Polish: Secrets to a Showroom Shine

If you’d like to keep your truck showroom sharp, then read this interview with Mike Phillips, author of The Complete Guide To A Show Car Shine. Learn about the Baggie Test and how you can check for impurities before applying wax. Plus, find out about detailing clay and get the nitty-gritty on the best polishes and waxes. www.promonthly.com/featured

7 Strategies for Happy Employees

Company awards programs, whether based on goals, milestones or employee votes, can serve as a powerful way to praise employees. www.promonthly.com/featured

Public Perception: Keep it Clean, People

“Cleanliness is next to godliness,” said everyone’s mother at some point in time. And the same is true in the portable restroom business, especially when you’re trying to defeat the well-known ick factor. Find out how making a first impression is everything, and learn how you can use professionalism, cleanliness and organization to attract more satisfied customers. www.promonthly.com/featured

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