Deodorants And Chemicals

Effective and environmentally friendly deodorizers and cleaning products are essential tools for portable restroom operators.
Deodorants And Chemicals
ScentWave liquid non-formaldehyde deodorizing chemical from Armal

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Deodorizing chemical

ScentWave liquid non-formaldehyde deodorizing chemical from Armal accelerates the disintegration of waste and paper and controls odors in portable restrooms. It is available as a concentrate to minimize the quantity and product needed for cleaning. It is available in 5-gallon containers, in strawberry field, apple blossom, pinewood trail, rose sensation and vanilla balm fragrances. 866/873-7796;

Waste tank treatment packs

Porta-Treat water-soluble packs from Bionetix contain natural and safe aerobic bacteria that digest odor-causing compounds and waste in restroom holding tanks. The bacillus spores used have been shown to reduce large waste particles that settle to the bottom. The cellulose present in toilet paper is reduced to odorless carbon dioxide and water. The bacteria release extracellular enzymes to help minimize waste so the bacteria have better access. By reducing waste and odor-causing compounds, the holding tank is left fresh and clean, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. 514/457-2914;

Deodorant packet

Water-soluble toss-in restroom deodorant packets from Century Chemical Corp. feature Fresh and Clean odor-control technology. The non-formaldehyde product is safe for users and the environment and improves portion control for technicians in the field, saving time and product. The film dissolves in one minute, dispersing the fragrance, dye and chemical to fight odors for seven days. 800/348-3505;

Holding tank odor packs

The POWRPAK series for portable restroom holding tanks from Chempace Corporation have been reformulated to offer continuous odor control and fragrance for seven days in the extreme heat of the summer months. Additional effervescence assures the packets dissolve quickly and disperse more evenly in the holding tank. They are available in three sizes to fit specific applications and climates, are biodegradable, and contain non-staining rich blue dye. 800/423-5350;

Odor eliminator

Eliminator deodorizers from Del Vel Chem Co. neutralize waste and other foul odors. Available in concentrate and ready-to-use formula, the neutralizer contains no formaldehyde, phosphates, oxidizing agents or phenols. Featuring non-staining dye, the biodegradable and nontoxic formula is made to work in any temperature. Fragrances include bubble gum, cherry, spice, mulberry and mint. 800/699-9903;

Restroom deodorizer packs

Glacier Bay Dry Toss Paks from Five Peaks provide the same odor control, fragrance and deep blue color mask as the company’s liquid deodorant, in premeasured, ready-to-use pouches. They eliminate the guesswork of liquids, and allow for a better inventory control system. Powder is packed in a water-soluble pouch, preventing waste and contact with product. Drop a single pack into the holding tank and add water. They are packaged in a stand-up, resealable gusset bag, reducing the risk of exposing the packs to moisture. They are available in two strengths, are formaldehyde-free, biodegradable, and environmentally safe. 866/293-1502;

Fragrance oil

Oil Works ready-to-use fragrance oil from Green Way Products by PolyPortables combats odors from pump exhaust and portable restrooms. Add a small amount to a scent box or restroom holding tank, use as an additive with pump oil, or use to recondition fragrance disks. It is available in multiple fruity or floral fragrances. 800/241-7951;

Liquid restroom deodorizer

Majestik Re-Charge 6000 portable restroom deodorizer from Imperial Industries chemically destroys waste odors and leaves a pleasant fragrance. It is super-concentrated and eco-friendly, containing no formaldehyde or heavy metals. It is available in 1-gallon containers and 55-gallon drums. Scents include cherry and spice. 800/558-2945;

Portable restroom deodorizers

True-X Series deodorizers from J & J Chemical are made with time-released ingredients that eliminate odors, mounding and scale, and help clean the tank as the waste load increases. Available in powerful super concentrate all the way to ready-to-use formulas, it is suitable for year-round use. The biodegradable, non-formaldehyde product can be used in extreme conditions, and is non-staining. It is available in all of the company’s fragrances. 800/345-3303;

Deodorizing urinal screens

Deodorizing Urinal Screens from Johnny’s Choice by Chemcorp Industries Inc. provide effective screening for urinals, and also freshen and deodorize. Optimized bacteria reduce odors and surface buildup in urinals. In addition, the upper surface has protrusions to reduce splash back, which also reduces cleaning time and improves sanitation. Each screen comes with a set of month and date tabs, which can be used as installation or replacement date reminders. They are available in mango and apple spice fragrances. 888/729-6478;

Water-based graffiti remover

Certified Graffiti Remover ready-to-use water-based paint and ink remover from Nilodor Deep Blue safely breaks down the bond between paint and the surface. With a few steps, unwanted graffiti is easily removed from both hard and carpeted surfaces without harsh chemicals and toxins. It is nonflammable, biodegradable, and can be used on brick and tile, concrete, stucco, aluminum, fiberglass, plastic, formica, plexiglass, stainless steel, metal, stone and rock. This formula will remove acrylic, primer, oil and water-based enamel, permanent markers, lacquers, aerosol spray paint and sealants. 800/443-4321;

Mango-Scented urinal screens

Cooper’s Own Mango deodorizing urinal screens from PolyJohn Enterprises won’t interfere with urinal drains, and provide odor control and bacteria action that helps deodorize both urinal and drain. The screen releases a strong fragrance that lasts up to 30 days. The shape fits all urinal styles, and the ribbed surface helps reduce splashing. Each screen is VOC-compliant and meets LEED-sustainable criteria. One case includes 72 6-by-12-inch screens. 800/292-1305;

Nontoxic urinal blocks

Non-Para urinal blocks from Porta Pro Chem Co. do not utilize paradichlorobenzene, which has been banned by several states due to health safety concerns. The highly scented blocks are square, so they won’t fall into or block the round connector to the holding tank. Each block weighs 3 ounces, is a non-staining blue, and is individually wrapped in plastic to ensure freshness. Blocks are available in the same bubble gum fragrance as the company’s restroom deodorizing chemical and can be made in other scents such as spice, cherry and mulberry. 888/673-5846;

Touch-point protectant

BioShield75 positively charged polymer from RestBest-SmartGuard mitigates touch-point contamination for up to 90 days with one application. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-registered nanotechnology chemically bonds to the treated surfaces, producing a large amount of quaternary amine swords that puncture bacterial cell membranes to eliminate the possibility of continued bacterial growth, mold, odor and mildew. The cured surface is safe, nontoxic, non-leaching and harmless to all human and animal contact. It can be safely and easily applied without affecting day-to-day operations. 800/745-9837;

Portable restroom deodorizers

Bio QuickScents 60 portable restroom deodorizers from Safe-T-Fresh are powerful, all-natural powders that offer odor control and cleaning power. The ingredients break down waste to prevent piling and dissolve residual waste found on tank walls and tubing. The active ingredients are also beneficial to waste treatment plants, eliminating any worries about dumping. Other products include QuickScents 30 gram packets for special events and cooler weather and 3000 and 5000 liquids. 877/764-7297;

Foam shield

St. George’s Foam Shield from Servant Products improves the conditions of portable restroom holding tanks, stopping backsplash, suppressing odor, keeping bugs out and improving the tank’s visual appeal. It is biodegradable, safe to use and water efficient. 877/644-3626;

Portable restroom deodorant

Xtreme Clean portion-controlled portable restroom deodorant packets from Surco Products are ultra-concentrated. The dissolvable paper packets feature fragrance and deep, non-staining blue dye. They eliminate odors with Metazene odor counteractant, and contain a biocide that kills odor-causing microbes. 800/556-0111;

Bacteria-action urinal screens

Bravo urinal screens from Walex Products are a urinal odor-control product featuring bacteria action that deodorizes and cleans. The fragrance release lasts 30 days. The shape and ribbed surface reduce splashing and the product fits in all styles of urinals. 800/338-3155;


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