Satellite Suites series of restroom trailers aimed at luxury events, weddings and parties

Satellite Suites series of restroom trailers aimed at luxury events, weddings and parties
Tim Hilde, left, director of Satellite Suites, discusses the features of the new luxury restroom trailer with Expo attendees. (Photo by Craig Mandli)

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Satellite Industries utilized the stage of the 2014 Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo International to mark its entry into restroom trailer manufacturing. At the largest environmental services trade event in the country, Satellite rolled out a new product line with a pair of Satellite Suites models aimed at the luxury restroom trailer market.

The 10-foot, two-stall model and a 20-foot, eight-stall model were displayed at the Expo in Indianapolis in February, creating excitement among attendees, according to Charlie Senecal, a national accounts manager for Satellite and one of the line’s designers.

“The response was better than expected, and we aimed pretty high to begin with,” Senecal says. “We talked to a lot of potential new customers that were impressed with the unit. On top of that, many of Satellite’s longtime customers are now looking at the feasibility of adding a restroom trailer to their fleet. It was a great show for us.”

The luxury trailers feature an advanced sump pump system with a bottom dump for efficient tank evacuation.

“You can get a nice trailer, but if the sump clean-out is on the side, you are always leaving some waste in the tank, which creates odor issues,” says Senecal. “With this system, the bottom dump allows you to leave the tank clean and odor-free.”

The company took precautions to make the unit leak-resistant, including a new “over-armor” roof skin that is impervious to the sun, rain, snow and ice. The roof easily sheds water, eliminating the potential for leaks around roof fixtures. Rather than a wood structure, Satellite uses aluminum and composite material.

“All the places you would normally see wood on a trailer don’t have any on these units,” says Senecal. “Therefore, you’ll never see any water damage or soft spots on the floor, walls, or cabinets and trim. The skin on the roof is a brand new material that is extremely durable. There’s nothing that can degrade.”

The exterior is covered with a seamless gel coat that is difficult to damage and easy to repair. Lighting is all LED components for lower energy and maintenance costs. Units have half-gallon flushing urinals and premium toilets in spacious interiors, along with lockable cord storage, hidden electrical connections, and AM-FM stereo with Bluetooth capability. Air conditioning and heat are standard.

“We designed these units to be used at upscale special events, such as weddings, golf tournaments and large family gatherings,” says Senecal. “They are designed to not have to compromise on any of the comfort and luxury that indoor restroom facilities provide.”

Senecal says response to the units was so positive he is already working on additional models, including larger trailers with more stations and a shower trailer. He hopes they are ready to display at the 2015 show when it becomes the Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport Show, or WWETT.

“I feel that Satellite really did a great job bursting onto the luxury restroom trailer scene this year, and I’m excited to see what we can come up with for next year’s show,” says Senecal. “I don’t feel there is a lot we can improve on the models we have, but there is always room for new innovations. That’s what’s exciting.” 574/350-2152;


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