Vacuum Hose Reel From Hannay Designed to Save Time and Keep Technicians Safe

Vacuum Hose Reel From Hannay Designed to Save Time and Keep Technicians Safe
Ken Fritz, left, engineering manager for Hannay Reels, showed the VAC-5000 vacuum hose reel to an attendee at the 2016 WWETT Show. The reel is designed for the storage of longer lengths of vacuum hose 2 to 4 inches in diameter. (Photo by Craig Mandli)

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Putting away the vacuum hose following a pumping job can be a messy, tedious process. Whether wrapped on hooks on the back of the tank or laid on hose trays on both sides of the tank, technicians may have to climb a ladder or work around other equipment on the truck to return the hose and move on to the next job.

Engineers at Hannay Reels saw these challenges and designed a self-rewind hose reel specifically for vacuum truck applications. The reel was on display for the first time at the 2016 Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport Show.

“This reel is going to be a great fit for septic and portable restroom vacuum trucks that have limited space available for a hose wrap,” Hannay’s engineering manager Ken Fritz says from the WWETT Show. “All the tech needs to do is press a button, and the hose winds up. That saves time and keeps the tech safe.”

A DC electric motor rewind is standard, although an air motor, hydraulic motor or crank rewind are available as well. The reel’s spoked-disc single-wrap configuration is designed for use where a tight footprint is needed, such as between the cab and tank or mounted transverse to the frame of the truck. It provides effortless rewinding and wrapping of hose with easy access from both sides of the vehicle. A multi-wrap solid-disc configuration — the VAC-9000 Series — is available where cabinet space dictates a lower height configuration or dimensional requirement.

“We feel that this reel is just a better option to the traditional method of coiling up the hose and hanging it off the back, or wrapping it around the tank,” Fritz says. “Especially around the tank, that area is prime real estate for other equipment. You don’t want to have to move equipment around every time you take the vacuum hose off and put it back on.”

According to Fritz, many 2016 WWETT Show attendees agree. They even sat down and figured out ways to incorporate the hose reel onto their existing trucks. “I talked to a lot of septic pumpers and portable restroom service techs that loved the idea of having an integrated reel on their trucks dedicated to their vacuum hose,” he says. “It can save so much time, especially those guys servicing special events where the restrooms are spread out. This way they won’t have to manually wrap up the hose every time they stop to service a new set of restrooms. The reel does it for them.”

Hannay typically focuses its attention on jetter and pressure washer reels, so the large vacuum hose reel is a departure.

“If a customer has a problem, we try to solve it,” he says. “That’s really how the VAC-5000 Series was designed. A lot of pumpers and restroom guys use our reels for their jetters, and there’s no reason that technology can’t be applied to the bigger hose on the truck.”

Having the tall hose reel on display sparked plenty of conversation on the show floor as well. Fritz says many of the attendees he talked with had never considered using a reel, but were interested in learning more.

“When they saw how easy it could be to use, and the time it can save, they wanted to know more,” he says. “A lot of guys were very interested in trying the VAC-5000 in the field. That excitement made it a very good show for us.” 877/467-3357;


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