These Mystery Restrooms Are Located in a Thriving City Center

It may not look like it now, but this is an important gathering place surrounded by government buildings, commerce and tourism

These Mystery Restrooms Are Located in a Thriving City Center
Can you identify the location of these restrooms? The PRO company name has been digitally erased from the units to increase the challenge.

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This pair of blue Five Peaks restrooms look lonely in this mostly deserted urban setting, but don’t let the barren winter appearance of this location fool you. On this spot great orators have addressed many thousands of people. Read these clues and see if you can figure out the exact location of these restrooms:

1. This wide-open space is at the center of a thriving metro area
with a population approaching 3 million.

2. These restrooms are but a short walk from many important government buildings where laws are enacted and coins of the realm are struck.

3. In the shadows of this stone edifice are a renowned art museum, a museum dedicated to firefighting, and an important regional library.

4. This location sees sunshine almost every day of the year.

5. If you’re ever visiting, you may want to stop at a local tavern to
relax with friends. But beware: Because of this town’s location, alcoholic beverages really pack a wallop.

To win the contest, be the first person to respond to me with the name of the city and specific landmark where the restrooms are located. The winner will receive a PRO T-shirt and recognition as a geographical whiz. Send your responses to me at The winner will be announced at and through the PRO Facebook page.


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