Rolling Construction Units Serve Hardworking Crews

There’s no doubt parking is at a premium in this major city. So it’s handy to be able to move your portable restroom when necessary.

Rolling Construction Units Serve Hardworking Crews

Construction is a constant in this large, thriving city, which probably accounts for this trailer-mounted Satellite | PolyPortables Tufway restroom being towed behind a Chevy work truck. This city is one of the most expensive North American locations to live in and is known historically for natural disasters, mining and the technology revolutions that have reshaped it. So loved by its residents, popular songs have been written about its beauty and culture.

Here are a few clues to help you identify the location of this portable restroom:

1. You see a Saks Fifth Avenue sign in this photo. This is one of a number of high-end retailers that share a few blocks of a busy city center.

2. This area could use more restrooms. A large homeless population and associated public urination and defecation are a big problem in this city with a mild climate.

3. There are many ways to get around here, including the subway, autos, ferries and buses. One mode of transportation is unique to this city. Or proceed on foot, but it’s strenuous.

4. Nike, the goddess of victory sits atop a tall monument in the park behind the photographer of this photo. The statue is dedicated to a military leader from the Spanish-American War. Interestingly, the park was used by northern troops during the U.S. Civil War.

5. The Chinatown neighborhood a few blocks to the north is one of the largest outside of Asia.

6. The truck pulling the restroom is heading east/northeast on a street with a one-syllable name.

To win the contest, name the city and the street intersection where this restroom is located. The winner will be recognized as a geographical whiz on the Portable Restroom Operator Facebook page. Send your responses to


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