Product News - June 2021

Product News - June 2021

Handle-Tech pipe and hose carrying tool 

The Handle-Tech tool is designed to ease gripping, lifting, and dragging pipes and hoses. It handles up to 400 pounds and holds pipes and hoses from 2 to 12 inches. Using the click-and-grip feature, the lightweight handle goes around an unwieldy hose or pipe, lifting or moving it with less effort and personal contact. It can be used in sewer pumping and cleaning, industrial vacuuming, grease handling, hydro excavation and other situations. 610-385-6091; 

AirVote portable restroom cleanliness monitor

AirVote allows portable restroom users to rate how clean they found the unit. Rating is done via a single scan of a QR smiley, typically located within the restroom unit. The rating can be associated with a single restroom or a group of restrooms at a client site. Data is collected centrally as an online dashboard and offers offline reports. All questions are customizable. AirVote provides immediate alerts of dirty restrooms for quick action. 425-314-3334; 


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