Product Spotlight - December 2021

Product Spotlight - December 2021

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AirVote mobile review system provides instant customer feedback 

A negative review could prompt a company to make adjustments and improve customer satisfaction. A representative of AirVote says that if delivered constructively, privately and in real time, a customer’s complaint is a gift to business owners and operators. 

“Far too many reviews on social media reflect customer’s frustration with something a business was simply unaware of,” says Dmitri Poukhovski, co-founder and co-owner of AirVote. “All the company needed was a signal, not an angry review that would hurt its reputation for years.”

That thought led to the development of AirVote QR smileys. The company wanted to create a convenient way for people to leave positive or negative reviews that could help businesses instead of tarnishing their name. “With customer reviews at every social corner, we felt there still isn’t a good way for most people to express themselves simply, honestly and on the spot,” Poukhovski says.

AirVote QR smileys open a new connection for operators and their service staff. Providing the means to easily communicate with actual customers helps get answers to questions that are otherwise hard to know. “What happens with the unit between scheduled maintenance periods? Does the unit checked off as serviced every Tuesday keep becoming messy on Friday by simply being overused?” Poukhovski asks. “AirVote gives the ‘outside looking in’ perspective by adding a continuous private and direct feedback channel to PROs from the actual users.”

The smileys work by displaying QR codes below a question of the operator’s choosing in the portable restrooms. Users scan the code corresponding to their desired answer, which submits their vote with only one click. No additional phone applications are needed, and votes are anonymous. The AirVote dashboard provides the analytic feedback instantly to the subscriber. 

Every QR smiley is specific to a restroom, so alerts notify operators of the exact location where each vote is reported. According to AirVote, operators report the QR smileys have helped prompt more positive social media reviews and alerts on issues in real time, making for faster response.

“Among all of the benefits, it helps PROs upsell to their customers,” Poukhovski says. “If feedback shows that once-a-week service is just not enough, the customer is more receptive to adding additional units or services.” Setup costs are limited to providing the sticker, as there are no electronics to buy or maintain. QR codes require a smartphone with internet connection. 425-652-7637;


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