The Grit, the Graffiti, and the Toilet: How to Use Grit to Remove Graffiti

The Grit, the Graffiti, and the Toilet: How to Use Grit to Remove Graffiti

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This may sound crazy, but did you know grit or dirt cleans the graffiti off portable restrooms? As many PROs may know, portable restroom walls are not completely smooth — most are deliberately rough to hide scratch marks. However, when the vile degenerate scum of society decide to tag up your restrooms, it can become difficult to remove the graffiti from those tiny crevices, leaving faded marks on your property. Today we’ll talk about how to fight back. 

The principle behind the method is that the small particles of grit are small enough to get into the microscopic indentations found in the walls of portable restrooms. The particles can tear up the graffiti, making the removal much more effective. This also has a small downside of scratching your units, however, this is easily fixed using a heat gun/torch as mentioned in the previous article — “Restroom restoration: Let’s play with fire.” 

What you’ll need is grit or sand, or in a pinch some dirt will do. Media blasting sand, or pumice powder work really well, too. Add the grit and favorite non-aerosol-based graffiti remover, mix the solution 20/80 graffiti remover, and apply with a brush to the affected area of the portable restroom. 

Next, use a hard scrubby brush or favorite brush-based power tool and give it a good scrub. The grit and the solution will get down into the crevices and get what normally cannot be removed. When finished, simply pressure wash the mess off and reapply as necessary. 

This method works best in the storage yard — it can get messy. It also is very cost-effective and actually removes any graffiti on the surface of the plastic. Note: This does not work on paint solutions that physically tint the plastic. I’ll touch up on that next time.

Brian Schmidt

Rent-A-John Portable Toilets – Santa Rosa, CA


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