How To Increase Your Sales by 80 Percent

It's time to follow up. Learn how promotion can attract more customers and boost revenue.
How To Increase Your Sales by 80 Percent
An effective marketing and branding campaign will promote the company across multiple markets.

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According to the National Sales Executive Association, you increase your sales by 80 percent when you follow up. Selling requires effort and persistence. According to the association, only 2 percent of sales are made on the first contact, but persistence pays off somewhere between the fifth and 12th contact where 80 percent of sales get made. It’s a numbers game, but the payoffs can mean significant results for your business. 

This is the last of a three-part series created specifically for the sanitation industry to demonstrate branding a business and creating an effective marketing strategy. 

In this series, I have explained some basic strategies of marketing and branding. The i3 Series is designed to teach you about the importance of iNNOVATION, iMAGE and iMPACT in today’s marketplace and to help you promote your business more effectively. 

Follow along in the continuation of our series as Spotty Potty, a small, unassuming portable restroom business in Anytown, USA, is revamped into a highly visible, highly competitive company. 

In Part 1, the marketing strategy was developed by evaluating strengths and weaknesses of the company. We completed the marketing plan in Part 2, with new branding to help Spotty Potty stand apart from the competition. The name, Royal Perch, and an updated crown logo provided the new face of an aggressive branding campaign. In this last segment, I will teach you how to incorporate a sales strategy that supports the marketing plan with greater impact. 

There is synergy between marketing and sales. Marketing promotes the business, the sales team closes deals and maintains relationships. The combined effect produces more customers and greater revenue. With new marketing materials and a new branding campaign in place, Royal Perch is positioned to attract new business. A sales plan will provide a strategic method of acquiring new business, growing the existing book of business and building the overall book of business.                          

The elements of a successful sales plan should be simple, achievable and measurable. A written sales plan specifically states the goals and outlines the steps to achieve them. For example, if increasing your sales by 80 percent can be as easy as consistently following up, creating a process to achieve that is the first step in acquiring new business. 

Sales funnels have often been used in various sales training or sales seminars as a way to demonstrate the process of selling. It is a visual tool that represents the process of developing prospects into customers. Follow along as Royal Perch uses this method to organize leads and maximize selling opportunities. 

Royal Perch Sales Plan

Step 1: Filling the funnel 

The marketing and branding campaign will effectively promote the company across multiple markets. The new brand is appealing to the marketplace and demographic. Technological improvements to the company website make it user-friendly and increase online quote requests and information requests. A targeted mail program will be implemented to potential wedding and special event customers, and to construction customers.

Contact relationship management software will be installed to organize and manage customers and prospects. All new leads will be consistently entered into the system to continue to fill the funnel.

Step 2: Qualify prospects 

Train sales reps and customer service staff to ask more questions to determine how to best meet the customer’s needs. Primary objectives are to 1) qualify the prospect as a potential customer, 2) learn what their needs are and possible timeframe to make a decision, and 3) determine the next step. 


Step 3: Present solutions 

Send proposals to prospective customers detailing the benefits of doing business with your company, the value of the products and services that you provide and a satisfaction guarantee. It is estimated that for every 20 prospects in the funnel, only about five will result in a proposal. 

Step 4: Follow-up five to 12 times 

Increase your sales by following up on all proposals. As mentioned above, you can increase your sales by as much as 80 percent by pursuing the business further. Continue to gather information, overcome possible objections and close the sale. 

Manage your existing customer base diligently. If 80 percent of business comes from the top 20 percent of customers, make a commitment to retain current customers by ensuring their satisfaction. Establish a specific plan to communicate with them regularly and foster additional business opportunities. Satisfied customers who refer your services are your greatest asset in developing new accounts. 

The elements of your sales plan should be simple and to the point. The sales plan should work synergistically with the marketing plan. First establish the goals, then outline a path to achieve them. Get everyone on the team involved to achieve the greatest success. 

Practical steps that will impact sales: 

• Establish sales goals
• Develop a strategy for acquiring new business
• Develop a strategy for retaining current business
• Develop a strategy to maximize growth potential with current customers 

About the Author
Beverly Lewis runs a marketing agency, the Beverly Lewis Group, dedicated to helping small businesses with marketing solutions. Having served as the director of sales & marketing for two portable sanitation companies, her unique background combined with an expertise in marketing is well suited for the portable sanitation industry. She believes that a company’s image is represented in every aspect of the company. She is an active member of the PSAI and was awarded the distinguished Sani-Award in 2008 for outstanding service. Contact Beverly at or visit


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