The “Workhorse” Restroom That Works Harder

Find out why restroom experts are calling this unit the cream of the crop.

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The “Workhorse” Restroom That Works Harder
The PJN3 from PolyJohn Enterprises comes standard with a translucent roof for better lighting. Other highlights include anti-slip floors, maximum ventilation, a two-roll paper dispenser and an occupancy signal latch.

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When the PolyJohn guys were asked which of their products best expressed their personality, one product floated to the top — the PJN3.

It’s known as the “workhorse” of the industry and is ideal for any outdoor restroom need. The heat-treated aluminum doorjamb means the PJN3 is tough enough for residential and commercial work sites. And the comfortable interior makes it a hit at fairs and festivals. With 17.4 percent more interior space than the industry average, the PJN3 is roomier than ever.

Beyond the spacious interior, the PJN3 comes standard with a translucent roof for better lighting. Anyone who has braved a dark porta-potty knows the value of this feature. Other highlights include anti-slip floors, maximum ventilation (hallelujah!), a two-roll paper dispenser, and an occupancy signal latch. The guys also love options — a hand-washing sink or hand-sanitizing dispenser, convenience shelf with hook for hardhats or purses, locking kit, and gender signs are all available at a small extra charge. 

It gets better. With a rounded slope top and conveniently placed deep central sump, the advanced waste tank design makes cleaning and servicing easy.

Each unit comes standard with a door-mounted mirror, handle and a non-splash urinal.

The PJN3 model is available in the standard static tank model or with the optional recirculating flush tank. 

Limited space or budget? Not a problem. The lightweight, sturdy, compact and user-friendly PJN3 will meet all of your high expectations for sanitation performance. It’s the proven popular choice for the PolyJohn guys and their customers — made by PolyJohn, the leading manufacturer of high-quality portable sanitation products. 

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