Do You Track Your Technicians?

Sabre Enterprises utilizes a fleet tracking system to encourage safer driving and more productive workdays
Do You Track Your Technicians?
Sabre Enterprises employee Dennis Roberts services a restroom in Syracuse, New York. Owner Jerry Vecchiarelli tracks each truck and driver to stay ahead of potential problems.

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Jerry Vecchiarelli is the owner of Sabre Enterprises, a portable restroom company in Syracuse, New York. His prior business experience was in the loss prevention business investigating retail crime. It was perhaps that background that inspired him to gather as much information as possible on his drivers and his vehicles in order to get optimum performance out of both and head off potential problems. He believes his employees are his biggest asset and wants to protect and maximize his investment from both a safety and efficiency standpoint.

The company’s Garmin GPS units help drivers navigate their routes. But Vecchiarelli wanted more information and purchased a tracking system from Fleetmatics. Information is fed back to the office telling him where his drivers are at all times.

He also knows the duration of each stop or idle time. “That can lead to later conversations about, ‘Why was that stop 18 minutes?’”

He does this not to reprimand employees but to keep on top of problems – perhaps a broken pump, a clog in the hose or a problem with the washdown system caused the delay. Vecchiarelli feels this gives him a heads-up on a problem that, if addressed right away, avoids downtime later and makes for a more efficient operation.

Vecchiarelli can also see how fast the technicians are driving, thus discouraging speeding. Driver safety is always a big topic at daily strategy meetings. “If we have drivers that are exceeding the speed limit, if we have drivers that are driving harshly, we get reports on that and we have those conversations,” he says.

The tracking system also provides fuel usage information. A change in fuel consumption could be an indicator of a mechanical issue.

“We are regularly maintaining the vehicles from both an economic standpoint as well as a safety standpoint. If you’ve got a good-operating vehicle it makes the job easier, helps morale and keeps your No. 1 asset working well for you.”

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