PRO Tips: Protect Your Assets

Know when to walk away from a customer who could end up costing you money and equipment

PRO Tips: Protect Your Assets

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No matter the size of your business, everyone is excited when you bring on a new customer. A local town goes out to bid, you bid aggressively and BAM!, you just signed a nice multiyear deal for your company.

Fast-forward a couple of months and you notice that your equipment, especially for this contract, is really starting to look rough. If the toilets are located in a particularly bad area, maybe they get destroyed or even burned. The customer is indemnified and they owe you nothing. What do you do?

You have to look at the contract as a whole and see if it is worth it. Maybe it brings in $30,000 a year but you have already lost five toilets. That is about $2,500 to $5,000 depending on the brand and style of toilet. You have to decide what that contract is worth to you. 

Sometimes you can go back to the customer, explain the problem and everyone can agree that is just a bad location and you don’t replace the toilet. Other customers are more difficult and you have to decide whether or not you walk from the job. Either way, you have to remember that every piece of equipment, no matter how old or how broken, is worth something. You worked really hard to buy that toilet and you deserve to keep it in good condition.

This PRO Tip is courtesy of A Royal Flush.

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