PRO Tips: Reminder System Helps Renew Last Year’s Contracts

A Royal Flush uses a follow-up system to get repeat business from the previous year’s short-term rental customers

PRO Tips: Reminder System Helps Renew Last Year’s Contracts

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Every year, you search for new job leads, cold-call new and old customers, and send emails trying to get new orders. At the end of the year, you are really pleased with your sales. But then a new year comes around, new customers call in, things happen with trucks or employees and before you know it you have missed the opportunity to renew those jobs that you fought so hard for the year before.

After many years of trial and error, we have established a system of renewal postcards and then a follow-up phone call in order to maintain our customer base. In January, when the phones are dead and we have extra time on our hands, we run a report in our billing system for all of our short-term rentals. We use that list to produce mailing labels and then we stick those labels on postcards reminding our existing customers about the order.

We have made the postcards ourselves and we generally have them printed at Kinkos, making this a really inexpensive way to renew orders from year to year.

We try to send those postcards out about three months in advance. Then around a month later, we follow up with a phone call. In addition to that, some customers will call in on their own to renew their orders.

It is impossible to catch everything, but this method allows us to renew most of our business from year to year. 

We want to know: What is your system of renewing existing customer contracts? Comment below or email

This PRO Tip is courtesy of A Royal Flush.


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