PRO Tips: Get the Most Bang for Your Social Media Buck

Delegating social media responsibilities means you don't miss out on opportunities for a quality post

PRO Tips: Get the Most Bang for Your Social Media Buck

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Let’s be honest. When you have a small business, you don’t have a ton of free time. You are delivering toilets, taking orders, fixing toilets, paying bills, etc. You really don’t have the time to spend updating your Facebook status or tweeting about your next big job.

But it is so important!

Over the years, I have tried all manner of social media. We have had a blog, a YouTube page, Facebook, Twitter, etc. All of these have taken a lot of time to set up and run but I have finally found the best way to get the most bang for my buck.

First, spread the wealth. I commonly give the social media posts to my summer interns as a task. They have fresh ideas and new ways at looking at things. They have to run all posts by me but that takes a lot of the thought off my plate.

Second, I have my drivers take pictures at events for me. A picture post is worth its weight in gold. “Look at my pretty trailers.” “Look at the big events I do.” That is what those pictures show to your potential customers.

But when do you have time to hang around an event? You are off to the next delivery. So that is why drivers are a goldmine in this area.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew but don’t pass up these free opportunities to showcase your equipment and your business.

This PRO Tip is courtesy of A Royal Flush.


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