PRO Tips: Time to Winterize

Cold weather is coming and you should organize your winterization system for units still in use

PRO Tips: Time to Winterize

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I always hate to say this, but you can see that the temperatures are starting to drop and winter is on the way. When this happens, at least in the northern parts of the country, you have to plan to winterize your equipment.

Over the years, we have found that the easiest way to tackle this job is to start with a call. We call all customers that have rentals with running water. This runs the gamut of sinks and VIP flushing toilets to electric flush systems in office trailers. Do they plan to keep the units or should we pick up before the winter?

If they plan to keep them, we make a winterization work ticket for each site. These tickets are given to technicians who go out to each site and winterize the equipment to prevent freezing. The technicians then return those tickets to our biller.

This allows us to bill for all work done and to track any site or equipment that may have fallen through the cracks. We generally start this process on Nov. 1 and are done with it by Dec. 1. 

But each area of the country is different and you will have to adjust your dates accordingly. You lucky people in Florida, Texas and other southern states don’t even have to worry about this!

This PRO Tip is courtesy of A Royal Flush.


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