Portable Restroom Transport Trailers Go Strapless

Trailers that secure restrooms individually cut down on time and effort during drop-off
Portable Restroom Transport Trailers Go Strapless

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For Jonathan Powell, owner of Powell’s Sanitation in Loris, South Carolina, loading portable restrooms onto a trailer always involved dealing with an inconvenient mess of straps and tie-downs. And removing just one unit meant going through the time-consuming task of untying and then retying the whole load.

When he attended the Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport (WWETT) Show in 2010, he was thrilled to see an alternative method. Like many PROs, he enjoys looking at the new equipment at the show and says it’s hard not to buy something. So it was no surprise when he ordered a 10-restroom transport trailer from F.M. Manufacturing. The feature that got his attention was the clamps it used instead of straps to hold units in place. “It secures each one individually,” Powell says.

The trailer is from F.M. Manufacturing’s Laxi-Taxi X Series. It’s designed with clamps that fasten each unit independently at the skid. Loading and unloading is fast and easy and can be done by one person, he says.

The trailers come in various sizes, ranging from four-unit haulers to 20, and fit standard-sized restrooms.

The trailer has been a huge benefit to Powell and his staff. It makes loading and unloading easier and saves time, he says. “If you just need to unload one unit, you can unload it and not have to worry about tying down a bunch of straps again to keep on going to your next stop.”

Powell was so happy with the trailer bought a second one, which comes in handy for delivering large loads.

Read more about Powell’s Sanitation in this month’s issue of PRO magazine.


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