Embracing Technology Streamlines Workflow and Training

Smartphone apps help a portable sanitation company do everything from routing to testing

Embracing Technology Streamlines Workflow and Training

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While most people have smartphones these days, Site Equip in Lasham, England, has thoroughly incorporated them into its portable restroom business. Owners Geoff and Sonia Gilbert provide smartphones to 35 to 50 employees who use them for everything from scheduling and routing to training and testing.

For example, their software system from Point of Rental Software manages the company’s contracts, invoicing, routing and personnel. “Everything is done on the PC in the office,” Sonia Gilbert explains, “and then it just goes down the server and all the work appears on the smartphones.”

Through an app, the drivers are instructed where to go, when to get there and what to do. Emergencies and last-minute add-ons are updated in real time. After the driver completes a job, the customer signs off on it on the driver’s phone and the image goes back to the server.

The phones are also used for training purposes. England has developed a set of competency guidelines for different industries and occupations. “It’s all assessed by a national body in this country that says these are the standards for this industry,” Gilbert explains.

Training is done through an app on the technicians’ phones. For example, a driver watches a training video on a particular facet of their job — floor slips and trips, manual handling, health and safety, cross-contamination — and then when they’re ready, another employee uses his or her phone to videotape the trainee performing the task they just studied. The video is then uploaded to the home office through the app. “Then, I have a look at their video and say ‘yes,’ and I tick off the points that need to be ticked off for them to get the qualification,” Gilbert says.

Read more about Site Equip in this month’s issue of Portable Restroom Operator magazine.


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