Diamond Environmental Services Under Investigation Again

One week after the sentencing of owner Arie Eric De Jong for illegal waste dumping, FBI agents descended on Diamond Environmental Services with a search warrant issued in an unrelated air pollution case. 

Knut Johnson, De Jong’s criminal defense attorney, tells reporters he believes the company’s trucks were inspected within the last few weeks by an independent inspector and the vehicles are in compliance.

The agents interviewed all the drivers, looking for evidence of Environmental Protection Agency violations, specifically modification of the trucks, and asked about the presence of diesel particulate filters.

Johnson says his clients work hard to meet all environmental regulations. “They are extremely concerned about the environment. Diamond Environmental Services does a fantastic job in a very dirty business in keeping the environment clean.”

It’s unclear how this new case will affect the sentencing in the illegal dumping case, as one condition of the probation for both De Jong and Warren Van Dam, chief operating officer, was for both to obey all laws. 



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