Are You a Webmaster or a Web Disaster?

If you're not the most computer-savvy business owner, getting outside help with your online presence can pay off in a big way

Are You a Webmaster or a Web Disaster?

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Do you know what pixels, tags and cookies are? How about RSS, SEO and CMS? If not, you’re not alone. 

Not everyone has the skills, the interest or the time to manage their own website these days, especially as the technology gets evermore-sophisticated and a business owner has to be concerned with ranking, referrals, reviews and freshening content. It’s not always easy to find the time to manage all of that and your business at the same time.

Lisa Nicoll, incoming owner of High Plains Sanitation Service in Strasburg, Colorado — along with her husband, Jeff — is unapologetic in admitting she’s happy to pass all that off to a professional.

“I don’t understand any of it so I’m like, 'Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it.' I’m good at bookkeeping and administrative work. I’m not a webpage person.” Her mother, Kim Seipp, the current owner along with Kim Seipp's husband, Jeff Seipp, also knew she wanted help with this task and in 2016 found a media marketing company, BizIQ in Phoenix, to handle that aspect of their business.

BizIQ set up the company’s website, keeps it updated and handles all the online marketing. They are currently focusing on getting people to leave feedback. “We’ve been trying to be more on the ball with that because I feel like the media marketing is going to be a big part eventually,” Nicoll says.

Her husband hands out cards to customers to remind them to leave a Google review. And the company’s website has a feedback tab that links to Google reviews. “BizIQ updates us about every six weeks with how our Google reviews are doing and where we’re ranking,” Nicoll says.

So far, the company hasn’t gotten any bad reviews so they’ll figure out an appropriate response when and if it happens. The reviews are important, she says. In today’s world, Google reviews are the new word-of-mouth advertising.

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The crew at High Plains Sanitation Service.
The crew at High Plains Sanitation Service.


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