News Briefs: Portable Restroom Operator Facing Class-Action Lawsuit

News Briefs: Portable Restroom Operator Facing Class-Action Lawsuit

The owner of one of New York City’s oldest portable restroom companies is facing a class-action lawsuit filed by former pump truck drivers. More than 1,300 former drivers have filed the suit against Charles W. Howard, owner of Callahead Porta-Potty, alleging they were never compensated for overtime hours.

In an about-face from past policy of settling individual complaints, Howard is fighting the lawsuit. The newest suit poses a serious threat to the Callahead business as the class-action filing could bankrupt the 40-plus-year-old business.

Source: Fortune

Peekaboo port-a-potty speed trap

Maryland motorists are crying foul over a speed trap set up behind a port-a-potty along Interstate 70 in Gaithersburg. John Schofield, spokesman for the Maryland State Highway Administration, maintains that nothing is amiss and the speed trap is not being intentionally camouflaged.

“We are not — and will never be — in the business of camouflaging enforcement cameras, particularly using a port-a-john to cover a full-sized vehicle with a mounted camera,” Schofield tells The Washington Post. “We are in the business of saving lives and slowing drivers down in the work zone.”

Schofield also points out that the camera operators need access to restroom facilities. Meanwhile some motorists question the effectiveness of a speed camera stationed behind a portable restroom, stating that a visible speed trap is an effective warning for speed demons.

Source: The Washington Post

Wisconsin City Rethinks Portable Restroom Removals

The Eau Claire (Wisconsin) City Council voted to restore funding for portable restrooms placed in city parks. Earlier in the year, the council moved to remove the portables in an effort to divert funds toward two new library positions.

The move proved to be unpopular with residents, even after a deal was reached to keep a portable restroom at the municipal dog park. Eventually, the council approved the $20,000 needed to fund portable restrooms at all the parks.

Source: Leader-Telegram


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