Restroom Reports: April 2019

Not-quite news concerning PROs and portable restrooms from around the web

Restroom Reports: April 2019

FLORENCE, ARIZONA — Concertgoers at this summer’s Country Thunder Music Festival can now rent individual portable restrooms. That’s right, The Arizona Republic reports that attendees can pay $178, including taxes and fees, for their own locking port-a-potty located at their campsite for the weekend. Why deal with lines and others’ messes when you can sit in solitude upon your own throne conveniently parked next to your pup tent?

PROs, I smell a potential gold mine. Perhaps it’s time to talk to your local festival organizer and start diagramming service routes for the campground. And maybe consider marketing urinal rentals at the local college for frat parties while you’re at it?

NEW YORK — Can a kid get some dignity? The New York Post reports that the newest “trend” in potty training children is portable toddler toilets — a la the Potette or OXO Go Potty. However, to the consternation of many, this means parents are setting them up whenever their child needs to go: outdoors at the park, on subway platforms, on the sidewalk — you get the gist. The parents participating in this crime against potty privacy claim that public restrooms in New York are few and far between and that it’s not always possible to go to a nearby Starbucks.

Hear that New York portable restroom operators? Sounds like a need to pursue business placing public portable restrooms is there, so maybe approach your local borough board.

PORTLAND, OREGON — It could be argued that society is built on numerous unspoken social rules and basic orders of operation: You’re supposed to get dressed in the morning and then go outside, you knock then enter someone’s home after being invited in, and you go inside the portable restroom before relieving yourself. But apparently these social graces still elude some of us.

Portland police came across a man publicly urinating along the Eastbank Esplanade in early April. When they tried to issue a citation to Randall Hartwood, the man became agitated and swung a “chain lock-type weapon” at officers, according to Fox TV-12. Hartwood then ran into a nearby portable restroom unit and locked himself inside.

Officers tried to forcibly unlock the door, and in response Hartwood burst out of the restroom and began swinging the weapon. He was tased but remained unfazed, and officers had to wrestle him to the ground. In the melee, Hartwood punched an officer in the head before he was eventually arrested and booked on multiple charges, including assault on an officer.


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