7 Articles to Help Wipe Out Portable Restroom Vandalism

With a little planning and maintenance, you can hopefully keep your units out of the line of fire and avoid damage

7 Articles to Help Wipe Out Portable Restroom Vandalism

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Clean units are important to a successful portable restroom business, but keeping them from being targeted by vandals can be tough. Arson is a real problem for PROs, and graffiti can be tough to remove. Each unit may not need its own personal bodyguard, but there are still preventive measures you can take to ensure they aren’t damaged beyond repair. Consider these articles if you’re concerned about vandalism or safety.

1. Repair or Replace: It’s Restroom Inventory Time

During the busy season, units are often broken or burned. If your storage is full of restroom carcasses, it may be time to make the necessary replacements or repairs to your inventory. Take the slower time of year, and use it to your advantage.

 2. 9 Tips for Dealing With Vandalism

Take proactive measures to ease your worries about vandalism. Consider the location of each unit during placement, and coordinate with law enforcement to avoid being a target for vandals.

3. Another Portable Restroom Burned to the Ground?

There may be no perfect answer to reducing equipment vandalism, but there are small things you can do to ease the tide of damage and resulting feelings of helplessness you experience when it happens.

4. Preventing Portable Restroom Arson

Arson is a real problem in the portable sanitation industry. While you may not be able to always control the location of your units when they are on site, you can take steps to protect them.

5. Stop the Complaints and Vandalism Associated With Park Restrooms

Placing restrooms in public recreational sites can be difficult. Involving the neighborhood, placing units in well-lit areas and building protective enclosures are a few of the different ways you can stop the complaints and vandalism often associated with park restrooms.

6. Best Tips for Getting Rid of Pesky Restroom Graffiti

Graffiti removal can be difficult. The first preventive measures to consider include unit location, cleanliness and warnings to taggers. For the removal process, pencil marks can easily come off with erasers; and for markers or other graffiti, there are several products on the market to help easily remove marks.

7. Plain Senseless ... and Costly to PROs

When a restroom is torched, it can be a total loss, and often it leaves the PRO with a big bill. Tracking expenses involved in cleaning and repairs, taking notes of patterns of vandalism and taking time to talk to clients about vandalism-reduction plans are just as important as taking preventive measures to avoid damage.

The next time you discover damage to a unit, don’t get too frustrated. Use it as a learning experience and an opportunity to be more proactive with safety. Remember to prepare a plan for dealing with vandalism in the off-season. Vandals can strike anywhere, so stay vigilant and don’t be discouraged if it happens to you.


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