Restroom Reports: August 2019, International Edition

Not-quite news concerning PROs and portable restrooms from around the web

Restroom Reports: August 2019, International Edition

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CALGARY, ALBERTA — Windstorms are not unusual in Calgary; neither is visiting Calgary’s Wings Over Springbank Airshow. And yet, a windstorm managed to take the air-show crowd by surprise this past July. 

While an attendee used a portable restroom, the entire bank of restrooms was caught by the wind and tipped face-forward. A blue liquid slurry spilled out onto the runway, but the woman remained trapped in a unit. Witnesses were able to lift the unit and free the woman; she was found to be a bit blue in the face.

Source: Global News

NEWQUAY, ENGLAND — An enterprising vandal could attack the Cornish cliffs with the gusto of a teenager on Halloween night with this toilet paper haul. NRS Transport is currently listing 200,000 rolls of toilet paper for sale on Facebook. The Cornwall-based logistics company finds itself buried in rolls of TP after the Boardmasters Festival in Newquay was canceled, and the company wants to unload. If you’ve got room for 200,000 rolls of toilet paper, read more at Metro News; cash and carry only. 

NEW PLYMOUTH, NEW ZEALAND — One homeless woman in New Zealand was sick and tired of relieving herself in the bushes of a vacant lot. So the industrious potty seeker commandeered a portable restroom and its trailer from a roadside bank of restrooms, driving the trailer 3 1/2 miles to the vacant lot where she regularly camped. 

According to the Taranaki Daily News, when asked by a judge about her crime, the woman responded, “I’m all over the place at the moment.” The restrooms were recovered when the woman was apprehended.

Meanwhile, stateside ...

FROM SEA TO SHINING SEA — Inevitably, between uttering the phrase “it’s not funny anymore” and wondering “will the vandals grow up already?” another report of a portable restroom explosion rolls into the old email inbox. The most recent reports of deleterious detonation come from Rhode Island, New Jersey and Washington. 

ROCKY MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK — Here’s a reminder to always apply the parking brake when making a pit stop. A visitor to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado exited a roadside portable restroom along Highway 7 to see a sight that would make anyone's stomach plunge. Watch the video here to find out what exactly.



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