7 Articles to Help Your Portable Sanitation Operation Avoid Pricing Nightmares

Don’t let the pricing wars grind you down

7 Articles to Help Your Portable Sanitation Operation Avoid Pricing Nightmares

B.J. Davis of Moon Portable Restroom in Louisville, Kentucky, negotiates with clients. (Photos by Nathan Cornetet)

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Setting prices for your portable restroom rentals and services is a balancing act of profitability and marketability. Nothing upsets that balance like a competitor coming in and ripping the proverbial rug out from under you with lowball prices. Read these seven articles to learn how other PROs have handled this issue and kept their balancing act in the black.   

1. Pricing Portable Restroom Service Jobs to Make Money

One seasoned Kentucky portable restroom operator shares his experiences in building a sustainable pricing model for his business.

2. Knowing Your Cost of Service and Conquering Low-Balling Competitors

This article takes a look at some of the biggest drivers in the pricing wars and provides readers with anecdotes from a portable restroom operator who’s been there.

3. Refuse to Engage in a Price War

Price-slashing competitors are often baiting a trap, don’t fall victim to it. Columnist Judy Kneiszel lays out how your business can avoid the pricing trap altogether.  

4. Price Wars

Price haggling with individual customers is one thing, but dealing with contractors can be a cutthroat experience. Read this article to learn how to navigate the rough waters of negotiating with contractors. 

5. Embrace Online Pricing of Portable Restrooms to Improve Customer Experience

Some PROs reject posting prices online with the justification that it makes it easier for competitors to undercut them. Texan Restrooms’ Devan Hanson makes the argument that the pros outweigh the cons.

6. 5 Tips to Win the Sale Without Losing on Price

Cutting prices is bad for business, but it can be tempting to do so in order to win a sale. Here are five ways to make the sale without breaking the bank.

7. Consider Your Options When Setting Price

Setting prices can be an overwhelming task with so many models to consider. Here, PROmonthly.com columnist Amanda Clark walks readers through their options.


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