Restroom Reports: International Edition, February 2020

Not-quite news concerning PROs and portable restrooms from around the world wide web

Restroom Reports: International Edition, February 2020

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With last month’s plethora of worthy Restroom Reports that rolled in, everyone gets a bonus international edition. As Oprah would say, “You get international Restroom Reports! You get international Restroom Reports! And you! And you! Everybody gets Restroom Reports!”

BANGOR, NORTHERN IRELAND — The British Toilet Association — a trade group organizing for standards in public restroom facilities across the U.K. — recently approved a new toilet that could only be designed by the devil himself or some other corporate overlord. The StandardToilet has been designed so the seat sits at a downward-sloping 13-degree angle, which after roughly 5 minutes of sitting upon causes strain on the user’s legs, reports Wired.

The toilet’s designer envisions a market niche for it to deter time-wasters in the workplace. With the StandardToilet, gone are the days of aimless social media scrolling on the john or calling out to a co-worker to make sure he didn’t fall in. 

GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA — Drunken runs across portable restroom tops are nothing new. Nor are the crashes these runs inevitable bring. In fact, Restroom Reports has covered such runs before, and yet, this story feels like a true original. 

A drunken Australian man attending Grass is Greener music festival attempted to run across a bank of restrooms only to break through the roof of one and fall into the lap of an unsuspecting woman. With raucous festivalgoers cheering in the background, police attempted to pry open the latched door. Then the runner tried jumping up and out of the hole he fell through, only to fall back multiple times. The man was eventually arrested and fined $800 (AUS) for public nuisance.

Source: Daily Mail  

HUDDERSFIELD, ENGLAND — When voting in the recent general election, Brits made their way to local polling stations, many of which are temporarily located in elegant Romanesque and Gothic churches or other historical buildings. But some constituents in Huddersfield found themselves heading into what has been dubbed “the worst polling station in the U.K.” — a shipping-container-esque portacabin complete with an adjacent leaning portable restroom. Click the link to view this beaut.

TAIWAN — CodeList reports that a chain of Taiwanese stores recently offered an extra-special Christmas deal for consumers: Anyone purchasing a Nintendo Switch or Switch Nintendo Lite also received a toilet seat. 

The gimmick is a wink and nod to the number of players using their Nintendo Switch in portable mode while, ahem, sitting on the toilet. No word yet on the number of consumers taking the store up on its offer or the best way to sanitize a Nintendo Switch.


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